Vegan Breakfast Ideas for when you have No Time in the Morning

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  1. little wholesome

    i love the last recipe!!! except chocolate makes me break out 🙁 any idea how i can sub it?

  2. Gabriela Herrera

    Love your content

  3. Priscila Qiurarte

    Where’s your food processor from? Or what brand ? Btw I loved the video! Definitely making the tofu <3

  4. your recipes look super tasty! but I am sad, my parents don´t approve of me being vegan, I feel lost 🙁 they think it is not healthy.

  5. i'm just watching this because i'm lazy

  6. Great ideas! Like to see something different. Will make the bars for sure <3

  7. Eine Banane am Morgen reicht auch aus.

  8. when i have no time i really mean that i have NO TIME lol, but i'm trying these recipes for sure

  9. I love your videos! Did find some inspiration from the website called ‘eat this’ ? I’m vegan too and love the website, always see recipes on your videos wich I already saw on there.

  10. Lara Sorrentino

    Amazing as always!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. Hey Mina!
    All of these look very yummy, I think I'm going to make the smoothie tomorrow☺️
    One question: what food processor do you use? And do you recommend it?
    Thanks very much!

  12. Yummy I love the bars and tomato tofu mmm

  13. Definitely gonna try to make the oatly crumby peanut buttery thing 😉 Seems gorgeous !

  14. I'm gunna make them aaaaalll

  15. I still cannot find firm tofu in finnish grocery stores. Only "regular " its annoying how crumbly it is

  16. looove your videos! could you maybe do a "party snack" kinda video?

  17. Spiced by Maggie

    The tofu avocado toast looks superb!!

  18. YUM!
    Am gonna sub polenta chunks or jackfruit v tofu. Coconut Aminos vs soy sauce!
    Will sub Sunbutter vs PB and sprinkle pumpkin seeds on top, in the Bars recipe. 🙂

  19. Evolution of Masha

    I went through a really long phase of pineapple and oatmeal so I can definitely attest to how delicious those overnight oats taste lol.

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