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  1. For the waffle, it’s better make oat flour. Then add the liquid and some baking powder. From my experience. Blending everything together always came out soggy.

  2. I line everything in aluminum foil. It makes it all pop out in one go. Easy to separate and cut. Practically no clean up.


  4. What kind of tufo was that please. The name

  5. Hey Rose, is your tofu pressed before you cook it? Thanks heaps, the recipes look amazing! 🙂

  6. To avoid sticking use wax paper/parchment paper

  7. Yaaaass, I love that you mentioned how ripe that tomato was. My mouth was watering when you cut it up!

  8. Oil the pan then dust with almond flour or flour of choice to PREVENT STICKING

  9. I was getting worried you weren't going to add nooch to that scramble.

  10. So delicious!

  11. I have extreme anxiety, but the calming music always allows me to focus on whatever I'm doing

  12. Your quiche looks A-MA-Zing!! I've been hoping for a vegan quiche recipe from my fave vegan YouTubers, thank you for your inspiration & all you do!!

  13. omg Your hair is awesome!!! Everything about this is dope. Humor, video quality, and concept. My video quality is there but you got the concepts

  14. You are so cute without makeup!

  15. the scramble looked really tasty

  16. ❤️ I need more of these videos! ❤️

  17. 7th Degree Imperial Yo-Yo Master

    No make up but you still look so beautiful. Too bad we live in different countries because I'd be dating yo ass.

  18. Do you ever make anything without Tofu? Love what you are doing, thank you. Peace

  19. Always oil your Waffle Iron! Bad things happen, otherwise…..I love this video…Yay, for Tofu Scramble…

  20. Your ghetto / country accents crack me up!!! LOVE IT! This is what I love about these videos, you're candid! Thanks for the recipes!

  21. To avoid having your milk glug out of the container, hold the box on the opposite side of how you were holding it in the video. The opening should be furthest from your cup, not closest 😉

  22. Atm my partner is away on work and now I really fancy scrambled tofu.. do you think if I make it all up I can reheat the rest for the next morning?? Or would it go funny?? I normally make enough for 2 people lol

  23. im addicted to your vids

  24. I really enjoyed this, thanks for sharing Rose! ❤️

  25. Works for me!!! Thanks for sharing and keeping it VEGAN. Aloha from Maui;-)

  26. Next time cut a piece of parchment paper to fit the bottom of the baking pan and your quiche shouldn't stick to the bottom. Also run a knife around the sides to loosen it for easy removal.

  27. Never had home made waffles, I will need to try it especially at the weekend when I am not in hurry to get to college to study my HNC in Horticulture so I even know how to grow as well as cook & eat my own food even though I don't have a opportunity to grow my own food since I don't have my own garden or allotment.

  28. good stuff… maybe you should make the quiche in the waffle iron… or make it in a nonstick or well seasoned cast iron skillet with olive oil. 😉

  29. Omg, that quiche! Giiirl!

  30. Whitney Scheibelhut

    Can you please tell me where you get your black salt?! I've been looking everywhere for it…

  31. You make watch binge your channel 10/10 I’m ready to be a house wife

  32. Yumm it all looks great!

  33. I’ll have some waffles please and I love some me some baked beans omg, I hope you enjoyed those waffles

  34. Just what I needed. Thank you!

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