Vegan Breakfast Ideas for the WEEKEND | + my trip to a Blue Diamond almond orchard!

We all need some new vegan breakfast recipes that aren’t smoothies or oatmeal!! Today I am telling you guys all about my trip to California with Almond Breeze to visit a Blue Diamond almond…


  1. Well done. That's how you make a great collaboration! Bowing to you both!

  2. haven't even watched it and I've liked it already.

  3. Razzle Dazzle Vegan

    Those baked pancakes are a big YES from me! I am gonna make them 😀

  4. FINALLY a brand deal that makes sense for a vegan channel. No stupid games or unrelated apps you have to shoehorn in.

  5. I love their milks! Wish they wouldnt use gums though!:/

  6. I can't believe how close you were to where I live!

  7. Cliche to say this but now I’m only going to buy their products, thank you for the info! I love knowing where my food comes from

  8. the sauce you made is actually consider a béchamel sauce. not a hollandaise. they are two incredible different sauces that come from traditional french cuisine. As a vegan i’ve made “vegan” hollandaise using egg replaces or white bean to act as the egg yolk as hollandaise is a combination of melted butter and egg yolk. Béchamel is made from melted butter and flour to makes a rue and then add milk (or plant based milk) and combine and heat until thicken. Edgy Veg and HotforFood have both made hollandaise recipes that are closer to the original. Hollandaise needs to have a egg-like taste.

  9. Thank you so much Liv for sharing <3

  10. omg Liv! Thanks for sharing about the almond milk- I wasn't sure about good brands. This is so cool they flew you out!!! 🙂 love your videos and such a proud supporter!!

  11. I've done the pancake thing. Saw it on Tasty. Subbed egg for vinegar. Turned out great.

  12. Do you not buy the refrigerated almond breeze??

  13. Was the orchard located in Sacramento? I’m from Fresno, which is 2-3hrs down South.

  14. I would buy it if they didn't put carrageenan in it, but they are still put it in Australia hopefully it is the same here. How long do the pancakes last?

  15. pls make a video on how you do your hair. i mean it is GOALS!!!

  16. As someone else from nova scotia, I'm so unbelievably happy to see someone local be given an opportunity like this. I found your channel when you had 50k subs, and it's crazy to think that you'll likely be at 1 mil before the year ends! Awesome work Liv, you should be so proud of yourself.

  17. it's so cool that you got to educate yourself (and us) a little bit on that trip! this may be a video for a more research-based channel but it'd be awesome to compare vegan milk brands in terms of their water usage, or more importantly (because we already know vegan products are miles better in terms of water usage than animal products) if they're doing anything to support/avoid harming the bee populations that pollinate their crops, and other factors like that. I know people think that vegans only care about animals and not about where their plant foods come from, but it's so not true! I'm always looking for more info to decide which companies I should be supporting. Long winded comment, I apologize hahah but I totally wanna try that baked pancake, soooo fluffy

  18. Omg I love almond breeze. It’s my favorite almond milk!! Also loved these ideas! Breakfast food is one of the things I miss most after starting intermittent fasting, but I’ve just decided to start making breakfast for lunch or dinner more often! Haha

  19. I love your videos. They always get me out of my eating rut. It’s so fun to try new recipes, and always ones I could never have thought of myself!

  20. I will definitely be trying the almond breeze products now! I usually get other brands of almond milk simply because I’m used to my routine. This was such a lovely video and seamless delivery!

  21. see.through.these.frames

    Yay Sacramento !

  22. So much powder when you stir that spoon. Considered using a buttering knife? If I could look at the sound equipment I would smile

    Edit: please don't reply to this comment, as I am shy

  23. does anyone know that comparison to growing coconut or soy plants for plant based milk? I'm glad almonds don't take much more than watermelon or corn, but those things aren't where we get milk.

  24. I’ve been using Almond Breeze for a while, I love it. I’m looking forward to trying these recipes, thanks for sharing!

  25. You should look up how many bees die pollinating almonds. They're dragged across the US to pollinate. I love bees and it's very sad.

  26. Plantifully Based

    the baked pancakes look amazing

  27. Normal Vegan Family

    To skip all the mind-numbingly boring Stuff and get to the actual recipes, go to 2:37.

  28. You’re so gorgeous!!

  29. Almond Breeze is My Shit™

  30. Love the recipes Liv, thank you!!

  31. Anastasia Blomgren

    I recommend using smoked tofu in the eggs benny, has such a good flavour and texture!

  32. Wasn’t a huge fan of this video – not because it was sponsored (I’m happy for you!!!) but tbh the recipes were a bit meh, especially the second one.

  33. Wow I really appreciate knowing the behind the scenes of almond milk now! I've had people try to convince me that almond milk is worse for the environment that dairy milk because of the amount of water used so thanks for clearing that up. Also the recipes looked soooo good!

  34. Almond Breeze is my favourite milk ever.It helped my stomach a lot

  35. Could you do some quick and easy breakfast ideas for the working week? 🙂

  36. Where did you get your desk lamp from?? Super cute!

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