Hey ! These are 3 healthy vegan breakfast ideas that just taste like they aren’t :p perfect for the weekend or holidays ! Plus, so quick to make ! Indulgence for the …


  1. My favorite TV show is DC's Legends of Tomorrow :)

  2. Soooo yummy! I loved this video and subbed! I am a small channel and I would love if you checked out my latest video about vegan breakfast! xoxo

  3. what's the machiney for the foam?

  4. I tried the caramelized bananas and it's really good tho it's really really sweet :)

  5. Your recipes look amazing! Where do you get your coconut whipped cream from? I'm in France too :)

  6. Oh mon dieu, les meilleures petits-déjeuners que j'ai jamais vu! C'est grave si on en fait un pour le matin, le déjeuner et le repas du soir xD. Merci pour le partage!! Je me réjouis de les faire et les manger (surtout!). Bizz =)

  7. Je vais toutes les essayer hihi ! Ça change tellement des autres recettes ! :)

  8. Those french toast look delicious!!! <3

  9. i need to try the chia pudding parfait and not-ella!

  10. Mirabelle Plum! That is what it's called! I've never seen frozen ones but I've come across jams.

  11. i love this ideas i think i'm gonna try them. But can i not put corn starch for the french toast?

  12. My favourite TV series is Sherlock( Benedict and Martin are such a great pair) and I watched the first season of Zoo on Netflix and the first season of Insecure and I want more.

  13. Love this game please subscribe to my channel !❤️

  14. Great video t btw I just subbed be greatful if you could sub back as I'm doing a 1000 subscriber giveaway at 1000 subs xx


  16. I love this video!! I recently became a vegan and I made my channel to film my own vegan recipes! Head over to my channel right now and subscribe!! :)

  17. Avocado is lifeeee

  18. Kahvaltidan Sonra Gidelim

    Yum yum yuuuum!

  19. Hi! I love your recipes but I was surprised to see coconut cream. It is not very healthy. It contains a lot of saturated fat as well as coconut milk (both from the stores). Dry and fresh coconut are good according to these studies. I've see someone using fresh avocado to make a kind of whipped cream. It looks light green but it cute and does you good.

  20. Le parfait de chia me fait teeeelllement envie ! J'essaie au plus vite ! Super déçue de ne pas avoir de presse à café, depuis le temps que je demandais comment on pouvait faire cette mousse aha

  21. T française ou anglaise/américaind ? ❤

  22. I've watched a lot of vegan channels for inspiration for recipes! your channel is BY FAR my favourite i love all your recipes and i'm so happy i found your channel! 🙂 This is seriously shot so great, with awesome music looking forward to more! 🙂 Request to do another appetizer video as well! :)

  23. Loooove it!!!!

  24. Ody Milani - Mode et Beauté

    ❤ J'AIME

  25. how do you make the coconout whiped cream??

  26. For the shows i'd say : Sense8, Black Mirror, Vikings, This is Us, Goblin…

  27. J'ai approuvé le jus d'orange à la cannelle des dernières vidéos donc je validerai surement ces recettes ci tambien. Thanks for the ideas =)

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