Vegan Breakfast Cookies! Easy Healthy Recipes!

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  1. I’ve never been this early to a video. I’m not even vegan. I was just looking for good cookie recipes. Going to try this out 🙂

  2. Wow for vegan cookies these look amazing!

  3. savannah nickolas

    I have gallstones, can you please do a video of low fat recipes? 🙂

  4. How is Muesli grain free? It usually has oats… cannot eat oats or seeds or grains here…
    I'll have to stick with Feasting On Fruits recipes with coconut flour

  5. i can't wait to try these Alyssia !

  6. So happy to see another sponsorship! Hope there are more to come!

  7. I am usually not a fan of sponsored videos in general, but I feel like this is a good fit, and recipes look delicious

  8. Have you ever experimented with an anti-candida diet/challenge? I'm a longtime sugar addict and cheese/starch enthusiast planning on embarking on a 4-6 week experiment later this month (mostly for mental health purposes), and I really enjoy your meal prep videos—would love to see some kind of anti-candida/anti-inflammatory info and/or prep video!

  9. Usually I'm not a big fan of sponsored videos but you really rock at this because you're showing a great way of making things but don't say 'hey, you need to buy this cause otherwise I'll hate you"

  10. The Winningest Duo

    These all look super good

  11. Do you know a good substitute for oats. I love them, but they don't love me 🙁

  12. caramel ,apple and cider recipes please !

  13. Liz Karschner-Slone

    I'm excited to make the Farroatmeal Cookies – though the sugar content is a little on the high side for me (I'm hypoglycemic). So did you use sweetened or unsweetened apple sauce and do you think I can just eliminate the sugar or is this required for holding the cookies together? Other than that, I don't see any sugar content except from the raisins.

  14. Ronald Pevahouse

    yes Mexican girs are pretty but you have a Jew infection give me money or be owned by the jew

  15. Congratulations to you on the TBD channel!!!

  16. How do u keep up with all your links?

    Plz someone let me know how to keep up with links.

  17. scrummmm they all look really good.

  18. I gave up trying to enjoy overnight oats, but anything in cookie form has got to be good, right? Wondering if the first 2 recipes can skip the baking and just go right to the fridge?

  19. Can't wait to try these!

  20. Mueslie no farroatmeal no the last one. No no i guess I'll have to try them all mmmm i can't wait

  21. Please do more DIY healthy granola (no bake) bars that are kid friendly/approved! I love your videos!!!

  22. Yuuummmmmmm!!
    They all look delish! But that cookie with the car to I've got to try because I love farro but never saw it in a cookie.

  23. I love your videos so much❤️

  24. I would only use/buy organic oats. EWG org. have found glyphosate
    (Round Up) in oat containing products(Cheerios, some Quaker oat products etc)…

  25. Yuum I gotta try these! And I'm really sorry I haven't commented a little while I've had a lot of struggles but I will always support you have an awesome day and weekend

  26. I LOVE Bob's Red Mill! Seriously, without that brand I don't think I'd survive gluten free cooking!

  27. Rosemarie Martin

    Huge fan of Bob's Red Mill products. Yay!

  28. Always on the hunt for a good vegan breakfast cookie, yay! These look amazing!! Love that your videos are so high quality and a joy to watch — the production, editing, and your infectious enthusiasm make for fantastic videos every time! Thank you <3

  29. How long can I store the no bake cookie


    I'll take the no bake one, that one looked and seemed like the tastiest one! They all looked good though!

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