Vegan breakfast burrito: A delicious and healthy tofu scramble and potato breakfast burrito

Printable PDF directions: For today’s quick and healthy vegan meal idea, we’re teaching you how to make a super healthy vegan breakfast …


  1. that tortilla is cold!!! noo!!! white people xDD lolol
    jk its cool. much love still much love.
    GREAT RECIPE! THANK YOU! ive nevet cooked with tofuu and now im excited

  2. How would I cut the oil to make it healthier?

  3. Potato peel is quite toxic. Since I read about it, I always peel potatoes.

  4. this looks absolutely DELICIOUS! (and youre really pretty)!

  5. Hey Brownble, you're so cute!!!

  6. Could I make some ahead of time and freeze them? Say…. About a weeks worth?

  7. I think this will be lunch tomorrow! Looks delicious Kim.

  8. DCNaturalJourney

    I just finished eating and this made me hungry all over again lol! Looks so yummy 🙂

  9. It looks simple and delicious! 🙂

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