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  1. This looks brilliant and delicious!

  2. holy shit this looks so so sooooooo good i can't wait to try it

  3. I bought your book! I have already made 5 recipes from it and only had it for less than a week, I love looking at the ones that I have seen on youtube so often and so many times! I LOVE YOU!

  4. waits for Jenna and Julian to make this

  5. The Discount Vegan

    OMG!! Savoury is always the best <3

  6. so proud of you lauren!!!!!!

  7. Ohhh yeaaah

  8. Christian Trunley

    Okaaaaay fooooood porn yas queen

  9. Queen of breakfast trifles

  10. So smart ❤❤


  12. i never comment on youtube videos but this is so beautiful i had to please keep up the elaborate savory breakfast recipes i love them so much

  13. Nadine Wychreschuk

    Wow… This looks sooooo good!!

  14. ❤️ yes!!!!!

  15. How does it feel to be a genius?!?! This is amazing

  16. i dont even like savory breakfasts and i'm drooooooooooling

  17. I'm not vegan but I will make this recipe. It looks delicious.


  19. dont even think about it. dont ruin a good thing

  20. Lauren I am curious how you stay so in shape eating so much delicious food! I know we only see what you show us so I’m curious what types of foods you eat when you’re not recipe testing or eating leftovers? Do you have a workout routine? Idk, always annoyed by these questions but I’m actually curious now. So

  21. Joanne Davenport


  22. It was great but way too salty. Next time I will cut the black salt in half. Prolly gonna be a walrus in the morning lol

  23. Joanne Davenport

    So can you buy the book in us?

  24. Omg… you didn’t..

  25. Lauren, this is RIDICULOUS and you are NUTS, in the best possible way.

  26. Ok so I have never been a can of egg yoke so I'm going to make this wonderful thing without the sauce. Thank you for the biscuits. I preordered my book.

  27. Just ordered my book and I'm so excited !!!!!!! Ready to gain these 15 pounds !

  28. I love your lil condescending ass. This looks bomb but it'd be a mess if I tried

  29. You need to open a restaurant .. it'll make you RICH

  30. Oooh can you make a recipe for carbonara with the faux egg yolk sauce?

  31. Congratulations Lauren!!! I knew you would make it to the best sellers!!!

  32. I Stan talent I Stan Kpop

    This guy in my class said that we should just eat the animals. I want to make this recipe and shove it in his face!!!

  33. Conner lee Carey

    Gurl, you are fulfilling my vegan breakfast DREAMS

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