Vegan Bacon Mac & Cheese, Tofu Benedict // Hot for Food Cookbook Recipe Test

in this video i try out recipes from the hot for food cookbook, vegan comfort classics! i make her bacon mac and cheese skillet, tofu benedict, and apple fritters! #hotforfood#vegan#sarahsvegankitc…


  1. Damn girl you look stunning. I love Lauren she's is such a queen!

  2. Rosie Golightly

    my favourite apples are granny smith and pink lady

  3. So far I've only made her chick'n pot pie soup and french onion soup with the mozza. Both have been AMAZING and I can't wait to try more!

  4. Pinklady and golden delicious are my favorite apples. I don't anyone has ever asked me what my favorite apple was. If someone in the comments say red delicious do not trust them. They do not really like apples.

  5. Honey crisp and rockit apples. Yum

  6. Loved this video! Would be great to see you make some more of the recipes (even though I already own the cookbook) or review other vegan cookbooks xx

  7. It's Okay to Eat Mayo

    If you put grannie smith apple on foil, parchment or baking dish with sugar & butter & walnuts & cinnamon. Bake it. It's delish.

  8. I love these cookbook review type of videos.

  9. I grew up watching Justin Wilson and Julia Child. I still enjoy Alton Brown's older show.

  10. A classic doughnut that is soft and almost came like.
    Fiji and Honeycrips are my absolute favorite. Pink Lady work well in an apple pie.

  11. Girl you gotta collab with Toyota herself!!! I wouldliterally die of happiness for y

  12. SARAH we have the same cooking idols from our youth!!! I’m still transitioning to my plant based life and I definitely need to get this cookbook becuase I LOVEEEE cooking but I’m so tired of Pinterest!!! Lol this video made me so hungry

  13. Lauren Griffiths

    Alton Brown was the reason I became a chef!

  14. Jazz apples are the best! Trader Joe’s usually has them I buy two bags every time I go. They are firm, sweet with a very light hint of sour. Seriously thee BEST!

    My fave tv cook was Julia child, Simply Ming, liadas kitchen, America’s test kitchen and a few other off the create channel.

  15. I’ve made that Mac & cheese like 4 times now, it’s so tasty!

  16. Amazon ships to my country but I cant enter 🙁

  17. Pinky lady apples are my favorite apples.

  18. Ashley Alhadeff

    This was so fun! Thank you so much!

  19. I just finished eating…and now I want to eat everything you made!!!

  20. I wish I loved cooking as much as you do!! Loved this video! Keep them coming

  21. Brianna Michelle

    There is a nacho cheese sauce in the cookbook that uses potatoes and carrots and it's really good!!

  22. I used to love Rachel Ray, Barefoot Contessa, Alton Brown, Iron Chef. I HATED Giada.

  23. Does altitude have anything to do with your fritter issue?

  24. My favourite apple is Honeycrisp, and my mothers' favourite apple is Golden Delicious!

  25. You should recipe test The Edgy Veg by Candice Hutchings.

  26. Mississippi Vegan Blog mac n cheese recipe is BEYOND and tricked my nonvegan family!

  27. So much content! Keep it coming. I watched Jacques Pepin growing up. You can find some of his old stuff on Youtube. What's the knife your using? I'm looking into getting a nakiri.

  28. Also for a good mac and cheese, I do a traditional rue with a vegan cheese and then combine that with Lauren's mac and cheese recipe and omg. So good I really recommend it

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