Veg. Tikka Masala video recipe – Spicy Vegetable Curry recipe

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  1. Very nice just doing one at the moment thanks for sharing I can almost smell it it must be in the kitchen

  2. I just love ur coking

  3. can we use to tomato ketchup

  4. I have made this so many times and it is still my absolute favorite Veg Curry. thank you so much for your videos, always great to share them with my Facebook food page :-)

  5. I just made your recipe. The kids loved it. Thank you, Bhavna! :D

  6. Nice dish to try…. nowadays I'm avoiding nonveg on my doctors advice…so this dish looks mouth watering. Otherwise I hate veg dishes

  7. hello, what do you mean by TANDOORI GARAM MASSALA ?

  8. can i put tomatoes puree made at home ?

  9. i made this last night and it was amazing! I didn't have chaat masala – so added pinch asafoetida, extra cumin and big spoon of mango chutney. I have liked this best out of all the curries I have cooked. Alison x

  10. i love making this veg tikka masala. its so beautifully colourful and tastes wonderful. goes well with coconut rice

  11. I made this it was amazing!! I wannna make more

  12. thanks for sending this l am also vegetarian . I'll absolutely try it

  13. i like u your cooking bhavaana,,,,,,,,,,,,,!

  14. this is not tikka masala! It is pretty bad in terms of the ingredients and the amount of onion and garlic you use. Tikka masala is usually dry. You carry on making the gujarati but do not give other regions a bad name with your cooking style.

  15. Thank you … Do you use red rice and fenugreek check out the link brown rice vs black rice

  16. hi…… bhavna….. I want to use pander in this recipe…. so how can I add it…. plz….. instruct me….. reply as soon as possible… bcs my kid birthday on 6th…..and I want to make it on dat day…. with paneer

  17. fake accent puts off

  18. very nice.

  19. Easy to make, tasty, healthy, makes children love veggies, thanks

  20. Game Guide Channel

    Tandoori was too strong. It tastes funny when applied too much. lol

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