Veg momos recipe/famous evening tea snacks recipes/easy starter dish ideas for

[] Veg steamed momos recipes: easy to make at home snacks/starters with homemade dough filled with cabbage,carrot & green beans.


  1. Why the heck we don't make this in South India? ? it looks so delicious! !

  2. What is All purpose flour? Sorry but i'm confusing it with maida… is it the same?

  3. a very yummy dish

  4. a.bharath kirshna


  5. very nice

  6. what is all purpose dough ??

  7. Nice . Tasty

  8. I love the presentation

  9. Namahari Debbarma

    very gud recipes

  10. Use tofu and don't cook vegetable that will test very delicious then cooked veg momo

  11. Tempting

  12. tasty recipe very nice

  13. Luv the recipe will defntly give it a try, It would be amazing if you check out my channel TELLY TEDS : )

  14. tried it awesome mam

  15. useful

  16. vahidkhan464

  17. awesome…

  18. Deepak Dhounidyal

    too cool

  19. outstanding

  20. thanx to wrap the momos which u easily made it.

  21. very nice

  22. nice

  23. Very well work in presentation and explanation

  24. Very well explained and demonstrated!!


    how to check it is cooked??like with toothpick test or else

  26. very good recipe

  27. Nice.

  28. one day I will try…thanks for inform….

  29. likeit

  30. it was lovely & taste good thanks for a good snacks

  31. nice momo

  32. it really came out well… thank u

  33. kaustav chowdhury

    very cool….

  34. Lovely nail color…Can you share the nail color brand? :)

  35. Pori

  36. I love it so much thanks for sharing this recipe

  37. soooo nice receipes

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