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Today, let’s make Restaurant Style Vegetable Manchurian Recipe in Gravy aka Wet Veg Manchurian is what we’re making 🙂 Do Subscribe to CookingShooking …


  1. Try doing fireless recipes that is healthy recipes without oil..

  2. Hello.. I just went through your videos.. Your recipes are amazing & your english is good and simple to understand.. Thank you.. Keep up your good work! 🙂

  3. Hi, Please post some healthy and delicious recipes. I think this would be interesting challenge for you. All your videos currently has deep frying, corn starch, maida and loads of spices and sauces. Please balance it out. I tried your recipes but it should be eaten only once in a lifetime due to the richness (high calorie content). Thank you.

  4. SoOOooooOOOOoooooper tasty…….

  5. Deepshikha Choudhry

    You are too cute muah :* :* <3 <3

  6. New recipe. Very fine. We will surely try this.
    Tell me 1 cup means how many ml. it holds.
    I believe 1 spoon is 15 ml. Is it correct..

  7. chicken 65 recipe please!!

  8. Mouth watering yumm

  9. Which schezwan sauce did you use?

  10. Instead of cabbage what we can use?

  11. Can you specify how many cloves of garlic have you used in the gravy

  12. Very testy bro..

  13. superb n mouthwatering

  14. Excellent

  15. Superb
    Waiting 4 next Chinese

  16. Please don't add ajinomoto it's bad for us as all we know.. plz dont encourage this through ur video sir.

  17. Your all recipes are very good

  18. You should have cut into it

  19. Can you make a video on making cheese at home

  20. Wah mouth watering manchurian cooking shooking

  21. Pani puri dikhao pls

  22. That is my first time to see your Videos ,it is realy " CookingShooking" Thank you and i like it

  23. sajida abdurahman

    Can i cook z machuri in oven?

  24. Helpful

  25. Your recipes are authentic n easy very delicious cooking shooking

  26. Pls try non veg recipe

  27. Good job

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