veg makhanwala recipe | vegetable makhanwala | veg makhani recipe

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  1. thank you so much for your delicious and tasty recipe

  2. Lubena Abbas Ali

    many recipes​ look similar to each other plzz kuch change dikhaaye

  3. Asha Kudli Ramaswamy

    Wow, looking wonderful, I have to try . Thanks

  4. Trinabh Lakhanpal

    awsome great work….

  5. Out of curiosity.Whats ur favourite cuisine??

  6. Gomathi palanivel

    wow super

  7. want 2 ask question.. why only veg recipes?? plz do some non veg recipes also…

  8. can you do Gobi Manchurian

  9. wow!!! thank u mam for this lovely recipe..surely gonna try

  10. Pradyumna Ramachandra

    coconut holige plzz

  11. Buvana Varshini

    Is Cream is must in dish?

  12. superb.. instead of kasuri methi can v use lemon..

  13. Priyanka Baidya

    how to make choco lava cake?

  14. semma kalakuringa

  15. mohammed zaheer

    I love hebbars kitchen

  16. yummy

  17. Kanizfatema Fatema

    pudina or limbu sharbat kaise banate h plz btaiyna

  18. tasty

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