veg kabab recipe | वेज कबाब बनाने की विधि | veg kebab recipe | vegetable kabab recipe

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  1. Malipatel Santhoshi

    Can we try without potato plz tell me

  2. Mallika Seshadri

    Muh me naav taira sakte hain!

  3. Ma'am undoubtedly u r the best

  4. Chutney ki bhi recipe bataye jo iske saath he

  5. varsha suraj ganesh

    I tried this recipe today. Turned out very well.
    Kids very happy seeing ice cream sticks used this way ☺.
    Unfortunately unable to upload pics.
    There was no corn nor amchur at home. Used juice of half a lemon for 1.5 times recipe portion.

    Also, the bread crumbs were homemade and more of a powder. . Perhaps the ready made one would add to the crispiness.
    One of the flavours the family enjoyed was the refreshing mint in it :).

    Surprisingly, it required less oil. More of a tawa fry rather than shallow fry. Maybe the binding action of cornflour and breadcrumbs help this way . Do tell.
    Also ,using cookie cutters i gave it shape to make fancy shaped cutlets 🙂

    Shall try again.
    Maybe replace potato with raw banana 🙂
    Thank you for the recipe.
    Happy cooking !

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  7. And ur recipes r rarely deep fried.. mostly healthy. Hence, easy to try out. Thanx a lot..

  8. Monisha Chandran

    Woh.. you are blessed. One suggestion aparna. Why don't you put the list of ingredients in the description box at least. It's my request.

  9. If we fry them is that okay???

  10. Great. Yummy too. Thank you. I must make it today.

  11. durgashanker chauhan

    Plz show soya kabab recipe

  12. Nice kabab recipe

  13. Vadiya yummy

  14. mehndi designs by Rajeshwari Arun


  15. delicioussssss

  16. Thanks for recipe

  17. Wow Awesome mouth watering recipe

  18. Gatte ki polao please maam

  19. Tq mam its nice to see ths recipe .bcoz our festival near it is easy very mouth watering dish

  20. Nice mam

  21. Archana Singh Toor

    U r recipe always superbbbbb

  22. Can we deep fry it… Pls ans

  23. Moody Foody Kitchen


  24. So good for kids who fuss over veggies. Great idea HK

  25. Shruthi jayaprakash

    How to prepare obbattu saaru

  26. Veg kheema].

  27. Such tasty and eazy thnx mam

  28. The same habit repeats why dont you clean the vessel madam…. U should be very well aware the value of food and why not to waste it…. You may belong to a well to do family but your habits make you look miser

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