Veg INDIAN Street Food HEAVEN at Manek Chowk | Ahmedabad, India

One of the main reasons why I couldn’t wait to return to India in November of 2018 is because of the incredible street food there! It’s some of the best food I’ve …


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  2. Man o man, you look like chris martin and you are having an adventure of a lifetime : )

  3. David & Sam You guy's are the best. Love watching India through your eyes.

  4. Nobody hates The Dosa
    It's Like Zayn Malik's

  5. Have you ever had LOUDA LASSHAN in India,

  6. When are you going to Goa……David

  7. y u not feed her man

  8. Rutu is hot!!!

  9. Till this day, i still wondering.. What does indian vagina taste like

  10. Jain Dharma Prachar

    Kha kha tya kasu nai male baka

  11. She kinda looks like lana rose, from some angles

  12. Mahi Bhargavi alle

    Share some with the girl too
    Her mouth is watering while ur hving

  13. Cheese khane ke bad mujhe paad bahut jyada aata he aap logo ka kya haal he, doctor ko bola to doctor bolta he cheese khakar yanha mat aaya karo.

  14. David was in an wild exuberance in this video like never!

  15. David:: she is beautiful!!! You ate insane

  16. see how dirty is manek chowk all wastage papers lying on road

  17. Ab pata chala Rutu ji ki sehat ka raaz!

  18. fact of world Ganesh joshi

    If you are bachelor then you can marry with Rutu she is so cute girl

  19. Ice cream and cheese…even stranger than the chocolate and cheese…

  20. Rutu mam ur very beautiful

  21. That girl smile hahaha half hour later Haha Haha Haha hahah hahahhahaha

  22. @8:42: Great humming out of the Wagner Ride of the Valkyries!

  23. Thanks for the wonderful food tour. You guys need to run at least a marathon after eating all that high calorie food.

  24. he definitely banged her

  25. this is like THE BEST video EVER!!!

  26. Damn how many clips did you shoot in India? Lol

  27. 🙂 your faces David! LOL, it does not matter garlic breath…your wife is in America! LOL!!!, also "I am genious in a bottle…"…just great buddy. I love all these fantastic videos from your trip to India, thanks a lot man, keep it up please!. Regards. (pd. please send a video with your Dad, I really enjoy them…)

  28. unsubscribe any Pakistani reaction channel u have subscribed indians . stand with our brave soldiers

  29. David next time just tell ur local guides this "only healthy Indian foods".

  30. wtf u leaving india…

  31. White people: vegetarian food is so healthy
    Indians: hold me beer

  32. 2:39. See the girl face…

  33. Hyd India heaven place fr food

  34. The nitrogen biscuit was insane…Must try

  35. Looking at David's face it is like he is gonna doze down to sleep while eating… this food is damn heavy… U better watch ur weight before checking in and Checking out of Ahmedabad… I'm telling u this because my in laws are from this place so I make sure I don't go quite often…I jus go once in 3 years

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