Veg Hakka Noodles Recipe | Chef Sanjyot Keer

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  1. Great

  2. Mujhe bhi khani h

  3. Arghyadip Panigrahi

    Sab katne me hi to 30 min. Lag jayenge…

  4. Waw amazing outstanding video superb

  5. I love it

  6. The way it is filmed…it's so satisfying to watch ❤

  7. Super

  8. Woww… beautiful presentation…love it

  9. Very nice

  10. Chilli Oli? Can u pls tell it's homemade?

  11. Sanjot Kher please show us kathail biryani.. receipe..

  12. Ok let me be frank , I hit the subscribe button immediately after watching you teach how to cut the vegetables. For me cutting vegetables is difficult than the actual cooking .

  13. Lovely… Awesome..

  14. chef plz canu telll which brand of noodles gives thin noodles like which we eat in resutants

  15. Which noodles brand should buy

  16. Trending Street Foods

    best hakka noodles recipe. please try chicken noodles

  17. Too Yummy. Too Good.

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