Veg Egg Curry Recipe -Paneer ke Ande | Vegetarian Egg Curry Recipe Shilpi

Veg Egg curry made from paneer. This North Indian egg curry recipe is ideal for lunch, parties and potlucks. These paneer ke ande is very famous in my home …


  1. Em Amma Telugu chepochu ga

  2. Hi do you do a recipe for making paneer as I cannot get it in my country. I love your recipes please keep them coming thank you :-)

  3. Hahaha WOW! Love the VEG EGGS! FAB!

  4. Wonderful video! Thanks for all of your tutorials! I like your uploads :)

  5. please do a little taste test after you've done preparing, and rather than uploading many videos at once, try uploading them regularly one at a time

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