veg biryani in cooker | how to make vegetable biryani recipe in cooker

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  1. bhoomika which tala

    how many whistles

  2. thanks archana. today I will tried this dish. it is very tasteful and delicious

  3. nayomi lavanya

    i knew this process

  4. make a recipe on haleem

  5. Sindhu Grandhi

    suitable gravy plz

  6. wow

  7. a chandrakanth

    which biryani masala u use. please reply mam

  8. Yum yum yummy

  9. super

  10. Wich rice r u used in biryani??

  11. harini subramanian

    super yummy

  12. wow yummy

  13. awesome

  14. Bhargavi Josyula

    loved the recipe, thanks

  15. nice recipes and nice videos.. which onion do you use ma'am?? the color of onion is very different..

  16. very tasty

  17. Shantala Chinnakar

    yum yum yum! time to try!

  18. Thank you so much for sharing such such such amazing recipes. I love your channel ! <3

  19. awsome biryni… but mam vidéo delt mt kiya kare…

  20. Richajxdkddf Dhir Pushkarna


  21. can v use soya instead of mashroom

  22. Sankari Ramjai

    if u use pepper and jeera for tadka ,, it will come South Indian pongal taste,,, saunf is best choice

  23. umm..the tomatoes?

  24. Asha Thiyagu Nanditha20#

    Where is tomato
    u r not adding the tomatoes

  25. Whoever behind Hebbars Kitchen is awesome and insanely genius. You even cook very hard recipes as simple as possible. One of the best food channel in youtube, Without any rubbish intros this channel always straight to the point. Their presentation and editing are perfect too.

  26. very nice..

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