you can’t make seafood vegan… said no one ANYMORE…check out these valentine’s day seafood’s / seefoods that’ll get ya’ll in the mood! SUBSCRIBE for new …


  1. Is this the new way you're going to do videos? I really miss the old style this wasn't really too enjoyable to watch I actually skipped most of it. It's honestly less about the food and more about you, girl! These are cool for like Instagram posts when you don't wanna do a whole video but I'd really much rather watch YOU cooking than just the inside of pans lol!

  2. these are so incredibly creative

  3. most calamari are made from pigs anus muscles.. just throwing this out there..

  4. Chrisa Dimitriadou

    it's such a fuss finding the ingredients for your recipes where i live. even though they seem easy to do, I haven't managed to do any of the recipes from your book yet.

  5. Please start doing those vegan challenges again, just maybe invite a new person every video? Ive rewatched the old ones so much, I need some new ones <3 Please and thank you <3

  6. What happened to John


  8. i remember four years ago i made the vegan crab cakes when i saw your recipe and i will never forget how GOOD they tasted, literal heaven on earth lil fried artichoke meat pattie cakes

  9. Power2MotherNature

    OMG this looks stellar!!! Lauren, you always rock girl!!!!

  10. anyone dislikes the smacking sound she made while eating??

  11. I actually hate real calamari and real oysters but my bf loves them so this will be perfect !

  12. Hey, it's Kimberlee!

    One of my favorite foods before being vegan was Fried Calamari so thank you for thisss. Definitely going to try it.
    Edit- jk I don’t have a deep fryer….

  13. Wow, Wow, Wow.
    They look amazing!

  14. Yassss a vegan recipe that doesn't use heart of palms. I will be trying this out! Thanks again!

  15. MAN that calamari looks good

  16. Wow, an homage to those lovely sea creatures, can't believe it's vegan, so skilled and creative.

  17. The queen has returned and she’s not fuckin around.

  18. you said calamari is disgusting and then say that it tastes like real calamari

  19. Mind Blown!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Is it just me or is her channel super different now

  21. This format makes me miss you more lol, give us more Lauren ):

  22. wow! they look delish! I guess I do have to get a deep fryer after all, which I thought I would NEVER do xD

  23. Sending you lots of LOVE♥️♥️♥️♥️ you are fantaboulas !!!!!!

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