UNIQUE Vegetarian STREET FOOD Tour in Hyderabad | Live Soda + Ice Cream Dosa + Pav Bhaji Manchuria

More Street Food in Hyderabad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kt3mt2ZbMjE&list=PLDs8Vu-e-HxLRxcd7bLZA8MD44u9gLxLJ&index=1 ▻ Subscribe to …


  1. try gungura pickel or chutey

  2. plz try south indianthali at minerva or chutneys

  3. Proud to be a PGterian

  4. 2:30 chat khate hi English bhol gye aur hindi start.. Lol

  5. chaitanya malla

    Vegetarian Whisky 😛

  6. The guide looks humble and a good human being…..

  7. abhi subscribe kia aapka channel

    Pakistan indian food aapne video bnayi thi good job sir

    insha Allah ek din nafrat khatam hogi India Pakistan mein

  8. Sankalp hope u forgot u covered best places anywez u missed gems but still barbeque u missed can't cover every place

  9. Barbeque nation lunch u forgot

  10. Sir why don't you try fire pan

  11. dhabaygee part of Karachi singh here is sandwich dhabaygee the birth place founder of Pakistan Muhammad ali jannah

  12. KMRTelugugamer YT

    The hanuman tekidi is hotel is man he prajathi tiffins

  13. Fun craftNunboxing

    Sir please come to Hyderabad

  14. Wwwwe

  15. For decades people considered Hyderabad as something "madrasi" (no thanks to Bollywood), but it's time people discovered its uniqueness. Thanks to your channel in making this massive contribution.

  16. And why you not tried paradise biryani .

  17. You might had gone to restaurant called chutneys . Pure veg and real andhra breakfast .

  18. pasta I can tolerate (though cannot imagine eating a macaroni dosa) but this must be designated a criminal act to add mayo and cheese to a dosa! Loved the macaroni cheese laced with a slight dash of jalapeno that some place in Michigan dished out but to grind mac cheese into a dosa! and then olive oil? that's crazy. Olive oil should be cooked only at very low temperatures otherwise it just disintegrates – spraying on flash flame on a dosa! what is this? someone took up a challenge to take perfectly great ingredients and ruin them all?

  19. Bhai wo chat nahi khasta chat hai

  20. Anubhav bhaiya aap bht acchi video bnaate ho, apki videos natural hoti hai….man krta hai baar baar like karte rahe…ese hi karte rahiye,,,love you

  21. mallikarjun kudikala

    You need to visit RAM ki bandi dosa

  22. Dosa ko to healthy rahne dete , baki bht chije h na unhealthy

  23. Rakesh.N. Patel

    Dabeli is Kutch, Gujarat's item

  24. if u wanna watch some Turkish street food videos pls subscribe and watch this channelhttps://youtu.be/LNGwWrQrtWc

  25. Do Visit Van Lavinoooooo In Hyderabad.

  26. yethiraj ganesh

    You guys have missed pizza den located behind paradise.

  27. Hyd rock

  28. The Ice Cream Dosa was looking very delicious and tempting.

  29. Fantastic hyderabad foodies

  30. Please mention the dosa verito , Google map navigation

  31. Great job vishnu sir….

  32. maddivenkata ramakrishna

    Nice video but you are not rating items

  33. Hitesh Bhandari

    Sir I'm still wondering how come u missed pizza den at sindi colony…this place is must try u get the best pizza of hyd at this place

  34. Waste of money in paradise hotel or bakery.

  35. Your Hyderabad guide guy Is awesome. Very knowledgable and friendly.

  36. Bhai yeah masala paw hai not manchurian pav bhaji

  37. The pan u have tryed is thw worst and we will get more powerfull flavour of pan which we cant get any where at mayur paan shop

  38. welcome my online shop

    Yar plzzz video me only hindi bola kro

  39. Tadashi Umemura

    A vegetarian food tour of Hyderabad, India. Even among the rapidly developing India, Hyderabad, in particular, is very sophisticated and urbanized. I also feel this video. The vegetarian menu included some dishes made with normal bread. I use butter and ketchup. This sounds like an Indian-style burger. There is also something called DOSA, which is an Indian-style crepe. It's good for regular meals, and blueberry ice cream is perfect for a post-meal dessert. I look forward to the future of Hyderabad. Thank you god.

  40. sir ye location kha ki ha

  41. Zivan chamling xollyy

    Array bhai shahab hindi se baat kijye please hum Indian lok hai hum lok hindi se sunna cha tey hai agar English wala dekhna hota toh hum lok mark weins ke dekhlete please sir

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