UNIQUE STARTERS and INDIAN FOOD in Pune | Shriniwas Pure Veg Restaurant

Exploring Indian food in Pune – this is a vlog from my visit to Shriniwas Vegetarian restaurant, located in Viman Nagar in Pune. Shriniwas Veg restaurant serves …


  1. Kondababu Rajeti

    Actually I am a non vegetarian. But I like to see your vegetarian dishes. It's nice.

  2. Hi mam. Loved u r video. It was a new Experience for me. Didn't knew Paneer has so much varieties. I loved Potli Paneer Kabab nice concept. Loved all food items shown in this video. Thank u Mam for such a beautiful video.

  3. Kondababu Rajeti

    All fruits

  4. Muje nahi dekhna aapka ye vala video…. coz bahot jyada pani aa gya muh me jo me nahi rok payi….so dekha to sahi lekin bahot hi jyada patient rakha….

  5. mam, the presentation was very impressive

  6. creationz world

    Missing street food video please video banao di

  7. You're expressions and English is damm good !! Keep up the great work@@

  8. Whole course was filled with paneer next 15 day u wouldn't eat paneer

  9. Strange, Shweta tried only and everything in Paneer, except the mojito & mango parfait…. Video was kind of boring … could hv tried other cuisines

  10. My favourite dish you so beautiful mam my contact NUMBER 9110744506

  11. overload of paneer but who's complaining! I LOVE paneer like most vegetarians do probably 🙂 My favourite fruits strawberries, peaches, melon, apples, jamuns (although it's been ages since I ate one), bananas, red grapes, pears, guavas, watermelon, papaya, sitaphal…love all them actually! Mangoes, I love only hapus and I never get to eat it because I am never in Mumbai during the season 🙁 Great video Shweta. I really like your videos, content and the presentation 🙂

  12. Wow Pune has changed so much, being my home, everything was a paneer dish 🙂 would have loved had you explore another dish… hehe.. awesome loved it, porcupine dish was unique..my to go place when i visit my home Pune, awee how much i miss Mango here 🙁 Atlanta wake up to this fruit pls !!!

  13. Midnight me bhookh lag gayi ye video dekh k lol

  14. One should do a cholesterol check before and after this meal

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