Under 60 Min. Indian Guest Menu For Lunch / Dinner | Quick Cooking Ideas For Guest

Under 60 Min. Indian Guest Menu For Lunch / Dinner | Quick Cooking Ideas For Guest In this video I have shared a complete Guest Menu under 60min. for lunch …


  1. Ravneetkaur Khalsa

    Really very amazing thank you

  2. The pressure to make too many recipes for a great hospitality at short notice is horrible . All of us don't have well stocked grocery and electric stove topsdoes not make it possible .

    I make pasta , with the herbs that are available .
    I don't expect others to have a table laden food on my unexpected visit . But most of all we don't do unexpected visits . People generally inform us on their arrival .
    I just expect great company , laughter and fun – and make pasta while they are there .

    Thank you

  3. Yes true a big kitchen and some readymade items at home helps in making so many recipes in less time.

  4. shraddha natrajan

    Nice mam

  5. Nice

  6. Supiriyar mem tame. Bombay raho chho

  7. Mam plz make your kitchen tour video and this video is amazing and helpful you are great

  8. Look at the quality stupid female . How u can say for guests ??

  9. Very nice to get prepared these items. I liked them all. Thank you very much.

  10. Mehman ke aane ke bad 10 ledifingr ki sbji me kitne logo ka Khana hoga.trika Shi hi professor etni km matra me kuch nhi hoga

  11. shraddha natrajan

    Very nice

  12. love the camera angle in the beginning when timer on the stove shows "12:24", never again is time shown in the video. You made quick recipes though but for sure not "under 60 mins."

  13. Assalamualaikum payal ji kaise ho aap sab Rai and ur hubby after along time mein apki subscriber humera jabeen from Hyderabad India yaad hu ya bhul gaaye ho aap mein bhut din ke phone use ki hu mein pure vlogs dekhugi aur comment box mein likhungi sorry it din baad msg karne keliye I love u so much and I miss you so much payal ji and Rai ko bhi

  14. If we only have one or two oven then forget this

  15. Perfect

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