Umami-Bomb Vegetarian Demi-Glace

You’ll never miss the meat with this umami-rich, vegetarian sauce recipe. You’re passionate about cooking. We’re here to help.


  1. A chef with no tattoos?

  2. The whole process takes sixty, maybe ninety minutes, but simmer your vegetables for two hours.

  3. 2:28 sauce thickener

  4. Lourenço Pereira


  5. A heads up from Japan… Kombu is not the seaweed you get in miso soup, that is wakame. Very different texture.

  6. I have done many similar things since moving in with a vegan. This principle REALLY works well. Caramelisation is your best friend when going for taste depth while cooking vegetarian or vegan.

  7. how long do you think u can keep your jus in the fridge?

  8. 3 lbs of vegetables makes 200 g demi… hmm

  9. …Please wear knife gloves…cheap/ Amazon…save your fingers…

  10. The good old days

  11. Mushroom is not a vegetable.

  12. Be very careful, this could smell garbage can..!!

  13. Is there a specific name for this thing in a bottle or a can with a brand ?

  14. Can you use cornstarch or flour if you aint got any xanthan gum?

  15. does anyone else think he packing a huge schlong in his pants?

  16. I thought chefsteps sells sous vide? Not complaining though. These little nuggets of culinary ideas are rather novel and very practical.

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    And can stick to fried rice in omurice kichi kichi retaurance

  18. What do you do with the cooked veggies afterwards. Seems like this sauce would be expensive. The vegetables cost money so I think there might be a way to eat them as well after they’ve cooked to almost burned.

  19. I can taste it. My tastebuds are exploding!

  20. instead of using the pectin and xantham gum, couldn't you just add it to a brown roux? like you would with Espagnole?

  21. Where can i buy the chef apron and jacket that are used in this video?

  22. Tried this today. This amount of veggies takes considerably longer than 60 minutes to get that caramelisation. More like twice as long.

  23. Any chance a dash of soy sauce would help, too?

  24. Vegans lol

  25. It must taste delicious, but I don’t like the idea of wasting so many vegetables and energy for a sauce.

  26. Wow. It would be just about as easy and fast to raise a beast and make jus that way.

  27. The "final demo dish"… With the gnocchi and veggies, wish they would detail on. I can probably figure it out, but if they are doing something cool…

  28. Dont put cauliflower in your stocks or demi glace, it has loads of sulfur in it that causes it to smell and taste like farts

  29. Vardhan Shrivastava

    Can source everything but the mushrooms, any alternatives? And why no garlic??

  30. What can i use to thicken it other than pectin and xanthan?

  31. My girlfriend can't have tomatoes, so what can I use to substitute tomato paste?

  32. pectin and xantham? nah …

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