ULTIMATE Veggie Burger Taste Test

Which fake meat makes for the the tastiest vegetarian treat? We held the ultimate veggie burger taste test to find out! GMM #1366 Watch today’s GMMore: …


  1. @6:06 "I see corn floating in this patty- not the first time that's happened." Is that meant to be a poop joke? XD

  2. I like a good bean burger. I like the spicy bean taste.

  3. I’ll stick to my cheap veggie burgers

  4. Beyond Meat is the best on the Market

  5. as a vegetarian, veggie burgers and vegetarian burgers are different!! some brands have both, and with those brands, veggie burgers are just as they sound, but vegetarian burgers are also plant based and are meant to taste more like meat burgers.

  6. Hashiel williams

    I just had a doctor burger it was so good

  7. William Meadows

    Lost your man card.

  8. You should do a video where you eat various foods that are either vegetarian or normal, and try and guess which is which !

  9. You didn’t do the bubba veggie burger!!!

  10. Now even target carries the Beyond meat burger. And White Castle sells a beyond meat slider

  11. Did you through out the rest of the burgers?

  12. Hamburgers aren't made of ham they are beef lol

  13. I cant stop laughing and rewinding to 2:24 HOW AM I GOING TO MAKE IT THROGUH THIS

  14. Dennis Hillberg

    4:19 Link: Let's se what Amy taste like

  15. Dennis Hillberg

    why have a bad tastless vegan/vegetarian burger when u can have a delicious glorious real meat burger that taste amazing

  16. Bruh that Vs in the middle is ripped straight from Street Fighter 4, just recolored!


  18. Marquan Limehouse

    I became vegetarian for my resolution, so I'm returning to this video to get the good word.

  19. My God that beyond burger is wicked overcooked.

  20. Éva Wilkinson Vlogs


  21. I’ve tried all but 3 of those burgers and I love Litterally all of them

  22. Damn, they look so good, but every veggie burger I've tasted has been terrible

  23. 5:55 did link say the f word or fuggin.

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