ULTIMATE VEGAN BREAKFAST | @avantgardevegan by Gaz Oakley

Hi Guys, Its Gaz!! Blender is from – http://amzn.to/2slKULD For everyone asking the mandolin is from – http://amzn.to/2sICjQx Liquid smoke from …


  1. I'm about to become your neighbor so I can mosey on over to your place and sample them all. Don't be surprised when I knock on your door! 😉

  2. bitch thats an eggplant

  3. shirt>>>>>

  4. looks good

  5. What does he keep calling that eggplant?

  6. I have struggle with breakfast all my life but in my case I can't just get up and eat, I have to wait a couple of hours in order to actually eat something and by then I have to be out the house.. So I end up with a smoothie.

  7. It looks more like a lunch or diner than breakfast lmfao

  8. RantingForSanity

    wow, the tofu looks just like real scrambled eggs….

  9. To my vegan family; first I'll say, I'm not vegan. Tempeh did not look appetizing to me at all. But, I've been trying to get more greens and gluten free food which led me to try some vegan options. I purchased some smoked tempeh and I fried it in a pan. It smelled like smoked sausage. It tasted like HEAVEN! I really like it! While I won't say I'll go full vegan, for the past two weeks I have been making more informed decisions on vegan eating.

  10. why not just have a 3 inch thick steak.

  11. so much oil tho

  12. your voice is so relaxing.

  13. best vegan channel ever. I'm not vegan I'm veggie but this is the shiz

  14. Valentina Worldwide

    Wow your talented – subscribed

  15. Danielle. Harris

    eggplant right?

  16. I think your hairstyle + beard put together look like a mess and I also don't like it when vegans try to immitate a non-vegan food, otherwise the presentation of your show, of your food was spectacular. Despite my dislikes above they cannot get in the way of what truly matters, the product of your channel. So with that said, you'll have a like. – Even if I am a vegeterian heretic.

  17. I don't know why he keeps calling it bacon… it's not bacon. call it what it really is .

  18. looks like shit I want raw meat

  19. Black salt is lovely added to scrambled tofu. About 70p in the Asian grocers for a large packet.

  20. new subscriber, from South Africa…I'm loving what I see, I've changed my diet and I need such channels… thanks for this.

  21. Looks amazing.

  22. Panagiotis Gialouris

    Conclusion: Meat eating saves me money & time..

  23. What do vegans think bacon tastes like because it's not this……

  24. Fantastic xx


  26. wouldn't it be a vegetarian breakfast, since veganism is an ideology? serious question, not trolling.

  27. I love your channel, but the shaky camera is making me motion sick.

  28. Sop moving the camera. I'm dizzy. Love the breakfast

  29. I love your channel, and I love this recipe!

  30. Dennis Rodriguez

    I could potentially convert to vegetarian, but vegan is a few steps further than I could ever go. This guy makes some really good delicious nutritious meals though. It is a fact the meat in the U.S is extremely unhealthy, the way the animals and raised and slaughtered is atrocious. They feed the animals grain, and corn instead of grazing on grass in the outdoors, shoot them up with antibiotics, its bad news all around.

  31. sinon un bon dwich au pâté c'est bien aussi !

  32. Damn who needs meat

  33. it looks like a vegan english breakfast and as an american i'm still confused about the beans. . .anyone care to explain or do i just have to try it for myself?

  34. now take that for your wife and make yourself some scrambled eggs with real bacon and cheese!
    Those poor biceps are dying for real protean!

  35. Looks amazing, gotta try this real soon!

  36. Perfect for a weekend breakfast 😉

  37. this was awesome and looked unreal!

  38. I love the fact he's clearly so passionate about what he does. The way he picks up the food is so delicate it reminds me of someone holding a baby xD great job!

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