Ultimate Vegan Breakfast

Try making this fiesta tofu scramble for a healthy vegan breakfast! Recipe: https://bzfd.it/2KHpv8d Blend your kale smoothie in our combo blender/food processor …


  1. Let's all take a moment and appreciate they didn't use a plastic straw❤️

  2. Yuleimy Hernandez

    Where can I find those metal straws!?!


  4. I thought they ate grass. #meat

  5. My Dad and little sister are vegan and I showed my Dad this he tried it out and said it is one of his new favorite recipes.

  6. Haha the last one is actually an Indian dish….it’s also known as a vegetarian omelette and is commonly referred to as ‘chila’

  7. Cassieosaurus _

    Thank you for putting the nutrition info as well.

  8. Farida Life Great

    Can you please try to min uploading savourly dishes

  9. Looking good sometimes u hv d product but don't know how to make variation thanks u hv a subscriber

  10. Okay but y'all used a metal straw and I appreciate that

  11. you put Fiesta Tofu recipe twice

  12. I thought y’all was out here putting lime on eggs

  13. I wanna be vegan but I don’t know where to start from

  14. Looks amazing!

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