Tuesday night dinner/Vegetable stir fry



  2. Anika Williams

    Hi I am happy that your husband are doing well but that didn't look so delicious you making my mouth water your grandson looks so handsome or so

  3. Finished dish looks good.

  4. Rese, this would work better if you had all your veggies already prepared. You got too much going on.

  5. That stir fry look tha bomb dot com, hmmm. Hope Galen is feeling better

  6. Michelle Ledbetter

    that looking good.

  7. Girl I get so hungry just watching you I am glad your husband doing little better thank God he found what was happening to is knee he will be ok God will heal it

  8. Debra Williams

    I'm doing well today happy to know that Galen is doing better ,all of yours and Galen's food looks delicious which I could be right there after every meal to far all the way from Jersey City N.J. love stay Bless

  9. Regina Thornton

    That looks so delicious!!!

  10. What a doll your grand baby is. Love that smile.

  11. DD minus, grandma you should be ashamed, there's no way the handsome fellow got that. A+++

  12. Keria/keke Fobbs

    AJ said he wants some granny

  13. What's the name of that wig it looks beautiful on you

  14. Hi u doing diva I luv ur show my grandson 3 months I'm trying u the pic

  15. Veronica Williams-Grimes

    If you put a damp paper towel under the cutting board it will keep the board from moving when cutting.

  16. I’m gonna try this this weekend. Looks good and Jalen’s hair is so thick and purty

  17. Dinner looks delicious Resa blessing to you and your family

  18. Jeanette Lysak

    Looking lovely to day Resa.Love the hair and the dress.Food looks delicious. Kind regards to Galen and all of your family.

  19. Marvelously Michelle

    RESA that looks Delicious

  20. Resa you could have used soap and bleached the zip lock bag and reused again.

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