Trying Japanese Vegan Food

Vegan food in Japan can be harder to find than you’d think. PLACES WE VISITED ON OUR TRIP ▻Motsuji Temple(毛越寺) ▻ Hiraizumi Rest House (Vegan…


  1. I'm surprised nobody has made a series yet driving from Hokkaido to Kyushu on a Go Kart. Perhaps I can be the first and then write a book about it.

  2. THANK YOU <3 I am half japanese, half chilean, AND A VEGAN!
    Im hoping to visit Japan sometime soon <3 thanks for the tips

  3. "summarise it up"

  4. LOL chris is so done with royotaro, while driving his go-cart

  5. Mate, loving the videos! Great tips for visiting Japan.

  6. when i first started watching these vids (2 days ago thanks to tokidoki traveller) i figured chris had maybe 25 percent or more japanese in him. is this a correct assumption?

  7. i'm vegan!

  8. can you drive go carts n anyrad in japan

  9. .make a patron

  10. is all tempura batter vegan or is it just that specific batter was vegan? i’m always scared to order tempura at japanese restaurants because i’m not sure that it has egg

  11. vegan named Reagan

  12. Vegan Living 24/7

    Tempura often has egg in it here in Canada. Will have to try look into this if Japan’s tempura often has egg or not.

    Thank you very much for this video and the tips for vegan eating. If you end up eating somewhere else vegan please film it and share! I’m looking forward to traveling to Japan in a couple years. A handy app/website (website is free to use!) is called ‘Happy Cow’ and it shows vegan and vegetarian options. 🙂

  13. lol make your buttlock go away xD

  14. Whoever cut your hair did you no favors on that day Chris.

  15. Thanks a zillion times for vegan food & tips. Double it for Go kart adventure.

  16. Simonfornication

    Just a heads up to any vegos inspired to do a road trip by this – looks like the rest house has changed menus. Just did the 2 hour trip from Sendai to find that there’s nothing even vegetarian here and the waitress doesn’t know what I’m talking about. Massive fail. Haha. Must be a recent change as I checked the menu before a trip in November and it was there but now there’s a different menu on the website. That’ll teach me to re-check things!

  17. is mayonnaise an instrument????????

  18. VEGAN?!!!

  19. “Your senses become sharper” – Man with high magnification glasses

  20. 感謝 <3

  21. Driving Go Karts on the roads of Japan is now on my Checklist of things to do

  22. I like how he kinda admits he's a crappy person in the beginning

  23. Please try out more vegan and vegetarian foods <3 I'm vegetarian (with meat allergies), but love Japanese food! But it's really limited, and not much authentic vegan Japanese food on the internet. Please help me find more <3

  24. Considering how healthy the traditional Japanese diet is and that Japan has one of the longest life expectancies a mix of meat and vegetables is the best choice I assume.

  25. The funny thing is that tempura isn't really Japanese. It's a nominally Japanese version of Portuguese fried foods.

  26. Joris GiantForeHead

    Ryotoro should be in more of your videos ( at least if you want that ) because he is really an adition to the channel

  27. Love this channel, Would love to visit Japan and I'm vegan so this is a great video. I hope you continue to upload more I love these videos so much!

  28. The poison in the food failed

  29. is vegan an instrument?

  30. Ryotaro is HOT.

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