Try Guys Drunk Vegan Fast Food Taste Test

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  1. Does everything give you diarreah?



  3. Ned: "man, were gonna be farting' up a storm later"
    Me: laughing my head off

  4. Instead of butter, some vegetarians use margarine, cocoa butter, coconut butter, or different alternatives. I use almond butter (I'm not vegan, I'm just lactose intolerant, and most of the time I don't want to have my stomach hurt, ok lol)

  5. No “La leche!” XDXD

  6. why is the audio doubled sometimes?

  7. It's very very hard and very expensive to have a healthy and sustainable vegan diet in America.

  8. is Eugene even drunk? he looks like he's not

  9. Why do all vegans eat cum?

  10. Stupid shit trends again

  11. Unrelated to video subject: When you put text on the bottom of the screen the subtitles cover them and I have to keep going back and turning stuff on and off to read everything especially when I'm watching on my phone. But also thank you for actually having real subtitles. A lot (most???) youtubers just… don't.

  12. A S M R and Stuff

    Eugene:the first rule about bite club is?
    Keith:we don’t talk about bite club
    Eugene:exactly 13:07

  13. If you have a family and you make them go vegan, you deserve to be burned on a steak…

  14. as a vegetarian, watching this was SURREAL

  15. Dude guys, pie crust is made with crisco, never butter.

  16. _Mystic_Mayhem_

    And Everything Gay
    These were the ingredients chosen to make the perfect little boy, but Professor Utonium accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction!
    Family Issuses!
    Thus, Eugene Lee Yang was born! Using his drunkenness and spices, Eugene Lee Yang has dedicated his life to the Try Guys, and the forces of Drag!

  17. I love all your videos but I was laughing so loud it resonated through the whole house. A few months ago I cut out a significant amount of meat in my life. Love you guys SO MUCH and made my night.

  18. Catrelle Jayanne

    Ummmmm mcdonalds fries aren't vegan or vegetarian Haha

  19. Next up: Try Guys do the Dominion challenge.

  20. Bradley Griffiths

    Soooo, what was up with the random, semi-frequent echo effect? I’m guessing that it was some sort of creative choice? However, I just kept thinking that my AirPods were fucking up. I mean, they weren’t, were they? Other people heard it too, right? Provided that is, in fact, the case, let’s maybe not ever do it again? At least, that would be pretty neat as far as I’m concerned. It certainly didn’t ruin the video by any stretch of the imagination. But I also didn’t love it either. Aaaaand, that’s all I have to say. Thank you for your time. Hahaha.

  21. Maybe it's just me but Eugene seems so much more loose and happy since coming out – even though this may or not have been filmed before. Maybe I'm imagining it and maybe I am not. Either way, love you Eugene.

  22. Drunk and Vegan, I'll pray for you…

  23. Should have had an Asian diet for vegan food!!

  24. Donut Come For Me

    They got the facts of the potato famine wrong AND none of the items from McDonalds are vegan! RIP fact checkers ):

  25. I was eating the sofritas at chipotle for the longest ( thinking it was meat) not even realizing it was tofu until I read the bag.

  26. Wait is Keith actually becoming a vegan or is it just temporary

  27. For Seems Legit

    Holy fucking echo echo echo echo echo echo

  28. I Suck at Everything

    As a Muslim who loves fast food, this video is eye opening

  29. You’ll keeping me up late around 1 am watching drunk guys eat vegan fast food?!

  30. “Most of my vegan food has been Southwestern or Mexican”

  31. the title is confusing i had a seizure trying to read that

  32. Lol faggot eugene

  33. 5:49 Ned should be a meme with that face

  34. Burrito Boyz is better than Chipotle period

  35. My grandfather is from Kentucky and he knows Wendy and her dad personally

  36. You guys should've gone to Carl's Junior or Del Taco they both serve the Beyond Meat which is vegan!!

  37. love the video, but the echo in their audios was really annoying


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