Trisha Paytas Tips For Vegan Weight Loss

Trisha Paytas recently announced that she is going to try a vegan diet for at least 2 weeks mainly for weight loss and health. Here is some of my advice to ensure …


  1. Amanda Lachapelle

    I'm glad she started go vegan! 🙂 so proud of her!

  2. SF1NX CZ (Funtime Foxy)

    When did Barbie started making YouTube videos?

  3. vegans are fucking faggots lol


  5. athena energy Shine

    What is legumes and what s the difference between legume and bean

  6. Veggies have feelings too .

  7. Jesus!You're so calm,now!

  8. Herbert The Pervert

    Honestly don't even waste your breath, she's not going to change her diet.

  9. After a long study, I found this highly successful and special diet in my opinion, "fizy unique plan"(Google it). I`ve by now dropped 8 pounds in a span of 15 days. It`s incredible.

  10. My friends pointed out that they had found a life enhancing diet. To find out if it seemed to be true I went on Google and found the "vivi awesome plan", and now I have dropped 16 pounds.

  11. Don't forget to smile

    I want to go vegan but I'm worrying about DHA, B12, and vitamin D3 (I don't get much sun where I live, lol).

  12. Sooji Mathon - Destroys Youtubers & ProSinger

    I mad a respanse to trisha patass guys. I uploaded SOOJI vs Trisha PATASS ON MY CHANNEL PLS see!

  13. 0:12 the only thing graphic was trisha's cleavage right after the fucking message

  14. yo VG i remember you were on that low fat low fat low fat…what made you change your mind dude?

  15. ❤

  16. Totally spot on!

  17. This diet thing is so retarded. Consume the amount of calories you need to maintain based upon what you burn. Spend 1 hour on google reading and you should know this. Freelee eats a freaky amount of food because she exercises a freakish amount.

  18. The Fifth Horseman

    Fuck. I hate Vegan Gains, a lot(He argued with TheVeganAtheist and I'm biased as fuck towards the atheist in all debates), but when you're right, you're right. I couldn't argue with anything you said in this video. And you seem surprisingly level headed. Please remain like this.

  19. I really liked your calm and logical approach. Keep it up:) This is the attitude we need veganism to be represented by

  20. Trish is gross.

  21. 2:27 mid may ??? paulo is that you ???? paulo ??? MID MAY !!!!

  22. keep the vids brah ! Vegan revolution ! Respect and Support from Montréal ! fuck them all , keep proving them wrong ! good job.

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