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Check out these vegetarian restaurants in bangalore , Karnataka with our Host Ritz Gautam. This video would be a delight for the the vegetarian food lovers.


  1. Shuld have told the prices too

  2. MTR
    Higher Taste

  3. For God sake pronounce it as either Bengaluru or Bangalore! not BAANGALURU!! heights of carelessness. Content of the video is really good but with artificial anchoring and accent.

  4. Rajdhaani is missed out

  5. Outstanding videos!
    10 out of 10.

  6. hello TGF guy , you have missed konark hotel in richmond road. it a pure veg hotel . and the food is yum.

  7. Girirajan Vasudevan

    South Indies and NH 8 ! Best of the lot because I am yet to try the others. Thanks to you folks

  8. Pl give location and addresses of all five veg restaurants to try when I visit Bangalure.thankyou

  9. awesome guide for bengaluru food culture places with fantastic anchors.

  10. I have tried some of the restaurants mentioned in the video – southindies, little italy is just about useless if you consider the authentic taste. Minus everything for the video purview and the lady doing the food video

  11. Cliches abound and most of them absurdly wrong. How can Pizza melt in your mouth? But, thanks for the list of five places to try….

  12. Guys awesome channels.All ur videos r amazing.Somebody can really fell in love with Bangalore after watching your videos.Thanks for creating this videos bored of fake reviews on Zomatto :)Hope u reach millions of subscribers.

  13. very good info. thanks

  14. very nicely done video.

  15. loved your Bangalore foodie sections,. Great work.

  16. How can u miss Indian kitchen, MG Road?

  17. Loved the Precise video of all the Veg Restaurants. A Treat to the eye and to the Tummy. Will visit them soon

  18. Fabulous Video. It's just making me visit all the places to try those yummy dishes very soon… Being a Vegetarian is always Good.

  19. Yummy video about yummy veg restaurants in Bangalore. Loved it. Keep it up TGF Team.

  20. Truly speaking nothing can beat the local foods of Bengaluru!Those lip smacking dosas from vidyarthi bhawan ,basavangudi!Brahman's coffee bar! are actually the native foods of bengaluru!

  21. concise and well edited…tempts you to try these places..

  22. Fantastic Video. We'll sure do a team outing to these restaurants soon!

  23. grameen is not worth the money… 1947 is really gd.

  24. how can you miss authentic MTR

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