So the most common questions of Vegetarians is “How to Manage your Protein Needs by consuming a Vegetarian Bodybuilding Indian Diet” ? Here I list the Top …


  1. Are you vegetarian Sir ??

  2. thnx bro very helpful

  3. bhai soya is nt gud for health…. soya doesn't increase testosterone …. nt gud mans workout

  4. love you bro.

  5. Govarthan Palanisamy

    Hi. Good Job. If possible Could you please make videos in English Please. It's a request. Please don't be offended.

  6. sir kiya nonveg khaker hi perfect body bnayi ja sakti he ya veg khakr bhi?

  7. Rajnish Chaturvedi

    Looks like younger, fitter and handsome version of Akshay Kumar !!

  8. Wow nice! Keep it up man way to go

  9. Thanks for the update

  10. abhinav apki white cap kaha hai? ??

  11. hey abhinav i liked you video..its awesome..
    but i would like to ask that which whey protein would be best as there is a lot of companies in market of whey protein… pls answer

  12. do a video on height increaseing

  13. u look like akhshay kumaar

  14. even carbs is also important know in gym workout know.!!

  15. hi Abhinav please make a video about hair fall

  16. Harjeet Singh Virk

    sir do we have to take daily all things or is there any schedule?

  17. 30 GM's of almond is too much….even if I take 2-4 almonds per day for 2-3 days, it starts causing me acne. what to do???

  18. wow I'm happy to see this

  19. which brand u suggest for whey protein coz I never use before and ppl said if u use this confirm quality of the product so help me out and btw overall I like the video this tips help me and one more thing this diet reduce my weight also??

  20. Bhai mohali me rehte ho

  21. bhai jab Maine video ki pic dekhi tab Maine socha ki tum foreigner ho,but when you speak Hindi I am like haiiin. yeah kya hai

  22. thanx man .. doing great job…you have changed my whole concept about nutrition… Waiting 4 your next vedios

  23. nutrila or soya is not good for men . soya help to incress woman hormon

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