Top 5 VEGETARIAN Weight Loss foods in INDIA | BeerBiceps Veg Weight Loss Diet

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  1. Im on a cut. Can i eat junk as long as fits my macros

  2. Hey Ranveer, what is the proper way to progressively overload?

  3. bro i am beginner of fat loss process and cant access those costly protein elements so what should be my regular cheap and normally available diet and should i eat rice as rice is our common meal every day

  4. Ranveer please make a video on masterbation. *asking for a friend :D*

  5. Himanshu Bhansali

    Cornflakes are healthy ??

  6. Auston Fernandes

    ranveer y don't u ever review any supplement??

  7. Hey Ranvir it was very nice video. One question im married i have some responsibility i cannot afford that much of protein so shall i leave gym will i lose muscles ?. Please answer

  8. How many rotis can i eat is it safe eating in the night ?

  9. If anyone want Amway Whey protein. 30g protein per scoop 5g bcaa etc. Please contact me.

  10. Beerbiceps Please guide us on "The Biryani". Is it worth ?

  11. The Legendary Warrior

    Hit like for Chetan Chothia

  12. true inspiration man keep doing the good work
    love u bro

  13. awesome awesome awesome. thanks a lot bro for useful info.

  14. i think u like paneer,that's the reason most of ur videos u are recommending paneer,do u know that sprouts contain more protein than eggs and chicken mung beans,horse gram sprouts and peanuts, paneer will slow down the metabolism,for who want to lose wait plz consume sprouts and any fruit for breakfast for at least 30 to 50 days u will see the magic.

  15. man, can you make a video on calisthenics plz??

  16. tqqqqsooomuch for this video help us lotttt

  17. thanks for the information

  18. how to know the difference between milk

  19. No suger, Make your own Paneer, No Bullshit products, I love soya already, Don't you dare look at bakery, buy more dals….thanks dude!!!! You are great!!

  20. you are amazing. do you give personal training as well?

  21. what are your views on multivitamin and l carnitine on keto?

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