Top 15 vegetarian protein rich foods for vegan bodybuilding | Hindi | Fitness Rockers

15 best high protein vegetarian bodybuilding Indian foods. Vegan protein diet tips for muscle gain. Plant based vegan bodybuilding protein rich super foods.


  1. WTF am I listening to, some sort of mix between Indian, English and Russian?

  2. Sir, The process of getting good diet (proper protein intake a day) is too costly as you know the average salary in India is very low, but everybody want to get fit at least me myself want to fit. Normally in routine we take more carbs,fat and low protein. normally we take roti and white rice with vegitable and lentis and these are high on carbs and low in protein.

    overall body is good weight according to height 60kg h-5.4
    No muscles, only belly.

     kindly design and let me know the diet plan for normal routine(office going, family man).
    like what to take in breakfast,lunch and dinner, cheap and good for health. all veg.
    Kindly, reply sir.

  3. how to eat almond?

  4. Bhai aapke figures bilkul galat hai. For eg, USDA says sprouted mung beans yields 3g of Protein per 100gms aur aap bol rahe ho 24g per 100g. Totally wrong.

  5. But sum of them are not available in India

  6. Mein subah office jati hu.. So kya khae ham dinner mein to loose weight..

  7. sir hum begainer hai kya hum optimum nutrition ka serious mass le skate hai

  8. what about roasted soyabeen

  9. bhai itnay time baad

  10. sir agar beginner raw soya bean consume kore to koi problem hai ?

  11. hello sir i am really very impress with your video and knowledge i want to know which protein powder is organic to buy. i want organic protein powder

  12. Is dahi ( just the whey taken out) and Greek yogurt same thing ?

  13. Sir apki sari video awesome hai! Per plz zma or leanemode kai bate mai bhii video bnae kyu kii hame accha rest nhi mil pata or result nhi aa pate. Thanks

  14. hello sir…
    sir whey protein start kab krna chahiye ?
    jym joining ke sath ya jym joining ke kuch time baad ??

  15. hi..
    I joined jym .. should I take soyabeans ?

  16. can u tell how to increase body weight

  17. sir mass gainner kab aur kaise lena chahiye
    aur kitni baar lena chahiye

  18. Proffessional Indian

    method to increase sperm count

  19. Hello sir im skinny fat i have been working out for past 8 months but my muscles are not getting tight im 20 years old i will be very helpful to recommend something thanku in anticipation

  20. Hello sir. Plz suggest a food plan for those who doing gym in the morning. Plz

  21. my weight 70 kg h

  22. Sir mere pas itne pese nahi ki m supplement le saku to aap Kuch natural bataiye pre workout Kya lu post workout Kya lu full day please sir any tips

  23. sir main workout ke baad ON ka protine powder leta hu aur morning main herbal ka protine powder leta hu is se koi problems?

  24. Surya Prakash Chaturvedi

    kaun sa herb/supplement/food best hai evening pre workout k liya, specially jo vegetarian hai or egg's consume nahi kar sakta.

  25. What about soya chunks ?

  26. Razib Datta Shubhra

    please answer
    1 cup kala chana = ? grams

  27. sir agar hum without wethlifting ke whey protine lete he to

  28. veg ,non veg Dono diet chalega
    thank you

  29. can you suggest me a proper diet please for having lean muscle. I don't want bulk have it already just lean muscle like Farhan in bhag milkha 😉
    it would great if you help me with these
    my height 5'9 ft
    weight now:- 70 kg

  30. weigh gain krne k liye konsa whey protein powder Lena chahiye or bina powder liye b faster gain kiya ja skta he.?

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