Top 10 Vegetarian Foods That Are Secretly Hiding Animal By-Products

Top 10 Vegetarian Foods That Are Secretly Hiding Animal By Products Subscribe: Hold on! Are you sure …


  1. Wow, it must be such a fun life constantly having to worry about what you eat and spending all your time reading labels.

  2. eh, i've been vegan for 2 years and i don't give a FUCK about bugs. there's already too many. and buying honey supports the beekeepers that take care of the the bees.

  3. The fact that this video exist proves that vegetarians are idiots.

  4. eyes dont see heart that dont feel

  5. And of course I'm eating the number 1 spot as it's read aloud.

  6. vegetarians should only drink water.

  7. Wait did the title just tell me that some meatless foods still have meat in them? Time to go and rethink what I eat now

  8. there's always room for jello

  9. Butter instead of gelatin? Even though butter is a product FROM AN ANIMAL. Y u make no sense??

  10. :o

  11. vegans are like donald trump in mexico ….not wanted

  12. The title of this video should have said Vegan not Vegetarian as a Vegetarian I can say that…yes I'm a aware I'm entitled sue me!

  13. I'm glad most of this video is American instead of Canada

  14. im not a vegetarian but i dont wanna eat butt juice!

  15. Anna Fowdy (Lady Lisa)

    Well, the secret's out

  16. parmeggiano regiano (parmezan cheese) is not vegetarian. so are some other matured cheeses, fortunately not all of them.

  17. This is nice and all, but would you PLEASE do a "Top 10 Celine Dion Songs" list already?!?!?!?!?!

  18. Disappointedpistachios

    Not all vegetarians eat only plants and drink milk you know, som still eat fish, poultry and pork because they are white meats

  19. Everyone tag free lee the BANNA girl

  20. the was she says sorry

  21. Cochineal? Como cochinilla? O_o

  22. vegetarians just don't eat meat though. its veganism


  24. This is a great list

  25. do y'all think vegetarians are dumb enough to buy this??? there is a 'suitable for vegetarians' logo for a reason lmao

  26. butter is an animal by-product..

  27. o_O

  28. Harambe The Gorilla

    First love you guys

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