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  2. What about tofu?


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  10. with nuts stay away from trail mix loaded in suger carbs

  11. Trust Valentino

    Re title your video please. Foods for "weight loss" is a term made up by those hoping to capitalize on those who hope to loose weight by "eating this". Far from the truth. There is no food (or foods) that will cause you to loose weight. The key is taking in the apropriate number of calories (for your) particular body type/metabolism/genetics, etc. There is no cookie cutter "diet" or foods that are necessarily ideal for everyone. The goods in the video are the nutritious whole food options for taking in those calories. By choosing whole natural foods you will ensure a variety of nutrients are being consumed. Technicly you can go on a "candy bar" diet and loose weight- if the calories are not exceeding your daily requirement…but the goal should be a nutritious diet of a variety of whole and natural foods. This will ensure optimum nutrition. Society needs to stop using the term "weightloss foods" because its not true. You can very well eat all those foods and STILL gain weight. Food selection is only one factor in the weight loss journey. Simply eating these foods wont cause a weight loss however it may help improve your overall nutrition expecially when combined with a target calorie goal and of corse regular excercise.

  12. The Humble Peach

    Is oatmeal good for you?

  13. Hey I can't stand almonds and cannot chew them is there an equal substitute?

  14. Chalese Fauntleroy

    She wants to get busy with the broccoli stock lol

  15. Any quinoa colors red or white same benefit?

  16. WARNING………Do not take this woman out to Dinner…..

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  20. cherrys are loaded with sugar….strawberries and blueberries are a way better alternative they have fairly low sugar.

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  26. red is a nice color for you! your videos are very informative!

  27. gerogia michaels

    Can you add cacao to milk/

  28. good video

  29. Good job

  30. Dairy??? Really?? It's so not healthy and so not good for us humans, we have so many health problems due to it!… Cows milk is for BABY COWS not humans!

  31. You really shouldn't be eating soy unless it's fermented

  32. Sarah Meowrison-Meow-lins

    I heard Soy was not beneficial to older men due to the stimulation of estrogen production.

  33. living in a desert

    most of these foods are bitter, expensive, tasteless, and for ppl with out a life!

  34. i love nuts too but i find them very easy to binge on 🙁 🙁 i dont even get them salted/sweetened

  35. hi my name is shelan, I will be 18 tomorrow,I'm vegan,and I'm 156cm , I really want to increase my height but I do not know how , do you have any advice for me?

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