Top 10 Countries to Visit if You’re Vegan

Top 10 Countries to Visit if You’re Vegan Subscribe: If you don’t eat meat, dairy or eggs, travelling to certain destinations can indeed be …


  1. In India Vegetarian food is cooked every house and people may go out to eat different cuisines

  2. india not no 1 ????// hahahha…. u lost it…

  3. Indian is 68% vegetarian people, and No. 1

  4. Where do I go visit if I'm a carnivore?

  5. dairy products wont count as non vegan as it doesnt kills or harms any animal.

  6. I m damm sure that there is some mistake
    1= India
    2 =Taiwan

  7. 台灣吃素真的很方便!!!

  8. Ok so if everyone decide to become strictly vegan, no baby gonna get their mother's milk?

  9. 果然樓下有印度人超生氣的。 身為台灣人的我也很訝異呀 !這個排名挺奇怪的

  10. Who thinks world should go veg if not vegan? Like

  11. Agreed India is mostly veg,except for the state of west bengal,where people eat mostly non veg food…we cannot imagine a day without having fish or chicken…that's why Calcutta has the best non veg restaurants within india…

  12. England is not country

  13. India does not have much healthy vegan options…….. Most of indian food contain diary(milk, butter, cheese, panner,curd ) ……. For vegetarians India is perfect but not for vegans

  14. Fake

  15. Honestly I went to Taiwan expecting it to be vegan heaven but it did not live up to that hype. I feel like the writers of articles like these have never been there. The night markets are not good places for vegan food especially not the Shilin Night Market mentioned in the video. In some night markets you might find one vegan stall if you're lucky. And when you find it it's quite bland as Chinese buddhist vegetarian also restricts onions, garlic, chives, shallots and strong spices. There is stinky tofu… but when you smell it you're not going to want to try that.

  16. India is no. 1 how Taiwan?

  17. Its true for Taiwan No 1


  19. Omg " strict" vegan diet HA HA ;D. It is so easy not to eat non human animal flash and secretions. It is not a big deal. And when you learn to read the ingredients list on the back of the food even easier <3

  20. Nice but with some mistake if you know what I mean

  21. Its idiot's deam insider

    I guess you have little less research. India should be the first.

  22. India is the 2nd largest exporter of meat, consuming any kind of animal product is not vegan and their crops are often grown using enslaved children, men, women and animals

  23. Did u know ?
    48 crore Indians pure veg..
    Because culture , climate & religion ..

  24. You missed Vietnam

  25. How can India not be no 1?

  26. C'mon India has 38% vegan population….that's why it's best Country for a "vegan"

  27. India is no 1

  28. Fantastic insight. Thanks alot!

  29. I'm in India right now and it sucks for vegan food. They put milk and ghee in evvverything. They must be torturing more cows than anyplace in the world.

  30. Sweden is far more vegan friendly then germany.

  31. Only India can serve you Guaranteed PureVeg Food. India should must be at no. 1.
    Being a veggie is part of Hindu Culture.

  32. I am a Vedic Brahmin from India. And have never eaten meat in my entire life even eggs. And we are following this tradition for generations.

  33. India is number 1

  34. lol what is a strict vegan diet

  35. Im here to see where to migrate

  36. I need to go to all of them!!!!!!

  37. inidia must be number 1.

  38. Places not to go if your vegan: texas lol unless your in houston.

  39. I second another commenter…the use of meat in this video was disturbing and entirely unnecessary. Also, you spoke of vegetarian as if were the same as vegan more than once. I do hope you will consider some appropriate editing. It would vastly improve your presentation. Thanks for listening.

  40. No way Taiwan can beat India

  41. INDIA should be @ Nu,ber – 1 . 95% population is Vegetrian (I'm not talking about VEGAN)

  42. Thanks for promoting my county Malaysia..if you ever come to Malaysia tell me okay.. I invited you for dinner..

  43. Are kidding me? Falafel is not even an Israeli dish.

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