Tomato Tart – Summer French cuisine – Vegetarian Dishes – Easy Recipe

Tomato and Mustard Tart recipe. This recipe can be qualified as the ultimate summer recipe originating from the south of France. it is a surprisingly easy yet …


  1. well, ok then. way to be a great cook AND totally hot, want a wife?

  2. Wow beautiful

  3. I made this yesterday after noon and it was outstanding.  Thank you Chef!

  4. I live in New Zealand an made this dish my French friends loved it I have made a few of your dishes an love them thanks very much.

  5. Kishmish Kitchen

    This looks delicious! I can't wait until I can get some fresh tomatoes so I can try this recipe!

  6. 14Rogue Manatees

    ha funny, I can still eat this even though I went vegan.

  7. Fusion Food Blog

    Wow, those tomatoes look sooooo attempting!!

  8. Hmmm. I am thinking of variations as well. Zucchini Parmesan perhaps. Thank you!

  9. Bonjour mon ami salut bu Brésil encore une fois.
    This looks delicious.
    How about instead of the páte feuillettée use páte brisée. Would that work too?
    Merci beaucoup

  10. One MercilessMing

    Summer/vegetarian dish recipes are also quite welcome to those of us who still adhere to the Lenten meatless fasts of Wednesdays and Fridays.

    Les recettes de plat d'été / végétarien sont également tout à fait bienvenues à ceux d'entre nous qui adhèrent toujours aux mercredis et vendredis sans viande du Carême catholique romain.

  11. This looks FABULOUS!! I will be making this! 😀
    Something different from a pizza and I'm sure much healthier too!

  12. Lovely 🙂

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