Time for Breakfast, Dr. Sebi approved Alkaline Vegan Omelet Pt. 1

I try to follow Dr. Sebi’s approved guide and food list as best as I can. Here are the links with everything you need to know: …


  1. Lakeisha Austin

    I just came across your channel and absolutely love your videos. It's nice to see a melanated young brotha eating like this as many of our men can't make the transition. Thank you and keep making videos!

  2. latoshia cleMons

    Luv it luv it luv it wink

  3. Felicia Sheppard


  4. You're So right about enjoying life now!

  5. Keep the videos coming. Thanks for sharing.

  6. The ketchup packet you pulled from a pan of cooking food… lol..

  7. You really should do food prep to eliminate a mess

  8. Felicia Rozzelle

    Yessss enjoy ur life Now!!!

  9. Awesome video. Thanx. * Be mindful of the chemicals in the plastic bowls

  10. I agree, I want my fortune while young and healthy enough to enjoy life, with full of energy!!! But, I'm not young anymore, and been eating wrong and have nothing but health problems that can't work right now, so What retirement!!!

  11. Thank you for sharing. Not antie mamma!!! But good 4 us, right!!! ❤ Dr. Sebi!

  12. What oil did you use to cook the vegetables?

  13. I'll be doing this for breakfast today, healthier without meat, and all the monsanto muck

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