Thyroid Veg Diet for Weight Loss | Vegetarian Thyroid Diet | PCOD/PCOS Diet for Weight Loss

Thyroid Veg Diet for Weight Loss | Vegetarian Thyroid Diet | PCOD/PCOS Diet for Weight Loss | Indian Thyroid / Hypothyroid Diet Plan For Weight Loss | How To …


  1. Hi Vicky
    U are such a gem .
    I take thyroid tablet first in the morning after that can I take ACV drink .
    Plz reply

  2. I really like your suggestions and recipes. Please share some salty oatmeal recipes as I really don't like sweet version of oatmeal. Thanks in advance.

  3. Rice ko skip kar k ager oats daaly to

  4. Cabbage/ broccoli/ cauliflower these are not a good option for hypothyroidism patients they should avoid it

  5. A person with thyroid cannot have milk products. That is what I know from the doctors .

  6. Is there any option for mushroom as i dont like the flavour

  7. Can we have white rice mam

  8. Capsicum good for thyroid?

  9. Those who suffering from pcos can consume banana plz reply asap

  10. Hi vicky, thanks for the great meal following it from last three days except the coriander drink. Am having acv drink early morning. Shall I continue with it or replace with corriander drink ..

  11. Coriander water 1 month k gap karke pina hai ya continue roz pina hota hai

  12. hello …is this diet plan for hypothyroidism patients?

  13. Hi Vicky, thank you for taking your time to create all these plans for your viewers.
    Is it ok to mix and match the recipes from the different thyroid weight loss videos?

    One suggestion, can you add a number to the titles of the diet plans since there are Multiple videos on thyroid Weight loss videos?

    Thanks so much

  14. Can I use red rice instead of brown rice.

  15. Diet chart please

  16. Please help me I am having hypothyroid

  17. itz really informative.Thank you so much

  18. I take cumin seed water instead of coriander

  19. Siripurapu Manjusha

    Hai. I am a new subscriber. We are pure veg who doesn't eat garlic or mushrooms or onion too. So can u help me wat should I take instead of this mushrooms in the lunch plan. And instead of brown rice too . Can I use white rice ?

  20. Ma'm is paneer good for consumption as per this diet plan?

  21. Hi mam is very vedio for thyroid patient but I'm going to work but how can i follow the this diet plz reply my message

  22. in dinner can we eat masala oats recipe from your cannel.

  23. Pls tell a substitute or sm other option fr oatmeal

  24. Is this for Hashimoto's thyroiditis?

  25. Hello Mam
    Ur diet is really good
    Plz tell me how many days I ll follow this diet?

  26. Mam can u please suggest some other fruit besides orange as I get sore throat

  27. How about for hyperthyroidism?

  28. Can we take green coffee instead of green tea

  29. Idoine salt not good for hashimotos thyrioditis.

  30. Hi Vicky is this diet suitable for hypothyroid pepol..?

  31. Plesae hindi m video load kare mam

  32. Hi mam, is there any alternate for mushrooms??

  33. Hi, I am bindu
    I am suffering adenomyosis and hypothyroidism. Nw I am getting too much bleeding also. Please suggest any remedies

  34. I have 13.42 thyroid…im still gaining weight….can u tell the tymings n diet

  35. Instead of coriander water can I use cumin water

  36. Thank you I'll try this ,my thyroid was rejecting fruit but I stopped for a whole year off my med and I'm ready to get somewhat normal

  37. Should we follow the same recipe for 20 days to lose weight….i mean everyday mushroom and brown rice…plzz reply me i have thyriod and im over weight….i want to get rid of my weight plzz help me mam

  38. Hi please reply to my question! I have hypothyroidism can I use Apple cider vinegar with water empty stomach in the morning? And after that yellow tea?

  39. hope you make more of thyroid diet videos.

  40. Is this okay for hypothyroid???

  41. Hey I am new to ur channel

    I am suffering from thyroid,want to lose 5 kg weight in 10 days.
    Is it possible?

  42. Priyanka Chakravarti

    Hi .I have just found your video today .I became mom 6 months back .I have thyroid .I want to get rid of belly fat .I had csec.can you help me.

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