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  2. I made the hummus soba! I am the furthest thing from a cook, but I made it with success. It’s so yummy and incredibly easy. Thank you for that recommendation!

  3. Love love love these recipes!!

  4. I really enjoyed this.
    I thought you were gonna listen to an audio book while you cooked, that would’ve been cool to tie audible in with the video.

  5. Indian Tadka with Archana


  6. higherlivingPJW Last

    Those look yummy!

  7. Always luvin your videos!

  8. Monika elize Shirai

    It's more fun listening to your voice while you cook 🙁

  9. 3 ingredients … simple usually also means budget-friendly and quick (my vegan friends spend more time on food prep and cooking than I'll ever have … until I win a jackpot of course =P). Didn't know this was a series but thanks, I'll be checking them out

  10. Audio books are awesome. I listen with one ear (Bluetooth) at work, in the gym and even while driving. It doesn't replace a book but it's a sweet band-aid lol.

  11. I think the lentil is still raw

  12. I really loved the ideas for easy sauces! As usually I don't like to make too many sauces, effort is too much.. but hummus sauce? Genius!

  13. Oh my god, you talk too much about your sponsor! Had to leave.

  14. I usually boil my lentils with my spaghetti for an additional level of laziness hahah

  15. Starts at 2:21

  16. Can confirm banana mock icecream is amazing!

  17. Is your hair naturally green?

  18. As someone who can't affort being vegan right now (depent on parents, don't have my own money) I love these because I have this things at home anyway so I know I can make vegan food without making my family spend extra money just for me

  19. So funny! I’m making lentil spaghetti tonight for dinner!

  20. Looks good! I use garbanzo beans smashed up with green olivews and make a sort of puttanesca with angel hair pasta, its delicious!!

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