the ultimate vegan breakfast sandwich

A quick, epic breakfast idea! A breakfast sandwich on homemade croissant, with breaded “eggy” tofu, vegan faux meat and cheese, avocado and tomato. ・ more videos ・ vegan croissant tutorial…


  1. Sarah's Vegan Kitchen

    Hope everyone's week is going well! ❤️ What's your favorite breakfast food? Are you guys more into sweet or savory breakfasts? (I think you can tell what my answer is hehe.)

  2. I can't believe there's no mayo are you feeling okay

  3. Have you had rice paper bacon? It's better than eggplant, tofu, and any storebought bacon. It's pretty insane on a sandwich.

  4. Looks DOPE! You always give so many great ideas for tofu. Love your videos and can't wait to try this epic sandwich!

  5. I made this for dinner and my life is complete!

  6. This looks decadent! I'm gonna have to try it!

  7. Looks amazing!

  8. That looks amazing!

  9. Like I need another excuse to try your amazing vegan croissant recipe.  Loving the haircut and the sweater btw.  Like if you have a crush on Sarah.

  10. That looks delicious! BTW I just noticed for the first time what a pleasant speaking voice you have. You could totally get voice work in hollywood if you were inclined.

  11. This is pretty much what I want as my last meal before I die lol

  12. Wow, great improvement on the video quality. I see a difference in lighting and camera work. Thanks. The food, always on point.

  13. wow looks so yummy! great job

  14. IDK, it looks like it needs hot sauce.

  15. This literally looks AMAZING

  16. COT DAYUM. Those croissants are bootyful. I still have yet to find a good breakfast patty. Most are them are too dry.

  17. Mary's Test Kitchen // Vegan Cooking

    Croissants make any sandwich better 🙂

  18. Looks so yummy!

  19. I got to try one of the croissants you gave away, super tasty!!!!

  20. Lazy Cooking With Sam

    Love it!!

  21. Some mayo on that Sammy would just… mmmmmmm!!! Om nomnom!

  22. Oh my god, want to cry looks so yum. Arghghh. like, the most hearty, satisfying comfort treat food, yummmm.

  23. nah

  24. OMG… Yuuummy!!!

  25. Those are the best meatless breakfast patties, I love them!

  26. Yum! def. will make this! I'm a savory breakfast girl!

  27. Those are by far my favorite sausage patties!!!

  28. Girl yes. Those are the best sausage patties hands down.

  29. this looks amazing!!

  30. this looks seriously incredible oml

  31. Hey Sarah, you doing alright? You've seemed a little low-spirited lately and I just wanted to make sure you're okay 🙂 I know you've said you get seasonal depression and maybe it's just that but I still wanted to ask. The sandwich looks bomb btw, totally gonna pick up some croissants to make it!

  32. Did you get a new camera or something cuz the video quality looks so much nicer!

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