The Science of Vegan Fat Loss

The science of vegan fat loss with an in-depth look at the fat switch, a compound that controls appetite and a look at sneaky high calorie food numbers.


  1. How do you eat 100g fibre?

  2. Evolve From Now

    Love your content Mic. Hey maybe you could take a critical look at MindValley, the self help company run by a guy called Vishen. He must love his meat and butter as he enlists such experts as: Dr Hymen, Josh Axe and most recently James Asprey. So much Keto. And pumping it out to many thousands of people trying to become better people. Sad really

  3. Jennifer LastName

    I've been vegan for almost four weeks and noticed all the common temptations of junk food from when I was a meat eater is now forbidden. I do find a vegan cookie or ice cream sometimes though. 😉

  4. Lloyd Christmas

    Thanks a lot Mike.

  5. Christopher Robinhood

    "A metabolic dysregulator in hiding

    Propionate is a short-chain fatty acid that is a commonly used food preservative. Tirosh et al. now show that propionate induces postprandial hyperglycemia in mice, resulting in a counter-regulatory hormonal response. Propionate increased norepinephrine release by the sympathetic nervous system, leading to an increase in circulating glucagon and the adipokine fatty acid–binding protein 4 (Fabp4), which jointly induced liver glycogenolysis and compensatory hyperinsulinemia. Long-term exposure of mice to a daily low dose of propionate resulted in a gradual weight gain and insulin resistance. Studies in humans highlight the potential contribution of propionate in the diet to the development of insulin resistance and obesity."

    Gosh that sounds great. Weight gain AND insulin resistance. A death sentence two-fer. Where can I get some?

  6. Elizabeth Kelley

    I like you ,in spite of your dirty greasy looking hair.

  7. Jørgen Fallet Mosand

    Mike, do you have some idea on Vegan weight gain? I kinda wanna be a bit chubby just to try and see, but it's impossible once I went vegan…. I have some issues xD.

    Maybe white rice?

  8. Lol. Let them eat cake…unless they are vegan. Nate. Pro-prionate.

  9. Koalaism Unbound

    Mic needs to do a video on established vegan healers like Arnold ehret dr morse dr sebi and etc etc and the science behind it

  10. If you are vegan and want to lose weight, especially if you are a new convert. Mic is great you can learn a lot from him. I also recommend Natural Weight Loss Mastery You tube channel. Ryan can give you lots of great tips too here's the link….

  11. I used to think your rants against oils where exaggerated. Then i quit drinking alcohol (i used to drink every day because it made me feel better) and my stomach wen't completely crazy every time i ate fat. I got bloated and felt very uncomfortable and couldn't digest properly. I quit the fat, and have no problems what so ever now. I open my eyes at 6 am and jump out of the bed to be fully energetic (like im on some kind of drug) for the entire day. I literally don't feel tired untill 12 pm anymore. Just by quitting fat! Its fucking awesome!!
    (Alcohol is a solvant that helped me digest the fat by dissolving it. )

  12. Someone: vegans don't get fat

    Me: hold my belly

  13. Jazlynn Delance

    Plz make a what I eat in a day video…

  14. Angelina Castro

    I love your videos so much. They're so informative and deffinetly help me understand more why going vegan is the best choice! Thank you!

  15. Cool maniac Happyguy

    what about underweight people lol veganism has no logic

  16. Just went back vegan after 10 years off . I was the dumb ass doing low carb and even carnivore. Guess who’s kidneys are messed up ??? This guys !!! Guess who has high blood pressure and cholesterol??? This guy . Now I’m going plant based to save my life ! Also just got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I thought carnivore lowers blood sugars . Nope!!! Please wish me luck

  17. I saw many comments that fats can’t be directly stored in the body. Carbs however are directly converted to sugers

  18. Great video!

  19. 0:53 meat eater? Does that chart means people who eat only meat? because I doubt it, present accurate data

  20. Cheddar was born in the village of Cheddar Somerset, England, 12th century! Something that I do miss being vegan but can live without.

  21. Hi there Mic. I have a hiatal hernia and I do feel better eating low fiber diet. Not sure what to do at this point. I love all the high fiber foods. This is a big problem for me

  22. viva la vegan

  23. For me to achieve the necessary calories my body needs, I would have to eat 9 pounds of vegetables every day!!!!!! I eat meat, vegetables and fruit like an omnivore because I NEED! I eat a whole chicken every 2 days. I work in a construction yard and I carry many weights all day. I'm 6"2' and weight 160 pounds. If I eat only vegetables I will feel very exhausted by midday.

  24. I lost a lot of fat the first couple years I went vegan…then I gained it all back and can't lose it anymore. No significant change in my diet: I still eat mostly whole food vegan. I can't eat most fruit and vegetables (a combination of IBS, allergies, and intolerances), so I think it's because I'm not eating enough low-calorie vegetables and too much high calories plants like quinoa and potatoes. So now I'm eating less in volume, but more in calories and I'm hungry all the time. I'm one of those fat vegans, but I rarely eat processed foods. Oh, well. I'm an ethical vegan, and animal products made me even sicker, so I'll keep on keeping on.

  25. channel stupendous


  26. Susan Christiansz

    Excellent information, as always.   Please keep up the good work.

  27. Because Why Not

    I switched to the vegan diet about a month ago and being in a omni house I cheated A LOT. However, despite that I already lost weight. I felt great, more focus better moods, all that stuff. After watching your videos it's made me have a little more encouragement to continue veganism. 🙂

  28. leaf = 0.0000001 calorie but 50 fiber
    meat = 10000000.00 calorie and no fiber
    fiber makes u full 😀

  29. This isn't about being hot.

  30. "Propionate, now you will never forget this word" haha

  31. halleluYAH

  32. Smokey Allan Ritter

    Great info! You are an excellent and funny teacher. I took a few notes!

  33. Totally love your video

  34. I love you for focusing more on nutrition than vanity. ❤️

  35. I tried going vegan for weight loss and the first time it didn’t work as I fell into that junk food thing. I have now gone vegan again with a heavy emphasis on not eating junk food either and it’s working great. You Must keep an eye in your junk food intake in sync with your veganism . It may take a couple of attempts to get it right.

  36. Hey Mic!!! I love your content! Could you do a video on how to protect ourselves from food born illnesses? I feel like I always hear about recalls on plant-based meals and want to make the full dive. Thank you!

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