We pulled a copy-cat of Taco Bell’s latest ridiculous creation, their naked chicken chalupa with all vegan ingredients as well as In-N-Out Burger’s famous …


  1. leoneschokopastillen

    vegan sushi challenge pls <3

  2. most of these restaurants have metal forms that they deep fry with to get the shape, so it's hard to copy at home. nice ingenuity

  3. what cheese did john use? it looks amazing..

  4. You're just respecting way too much fast food culture…

  5. YES! Do more vegan copycat recipes!

  6. LOVE YOU GUYS… love seeing you both on screen together :))

  7. i would love to see a video about where you guys shop for groceries/tips and tricks for finding vegan food items in grocery stores… not sure if you've already made a video like this, but i think it would be super interesting and helpful! love u guys <3

  8. omg those look so yummy!!

  9. John !!! It made me so hungry ❤️

  10. John for effort, Lauren for those tasty tasty looking fries!

  11. this was probably the hardest challenge to vote on

  12. We don't have vegan cheese or mock chicken here :'(

  13. How did I just found this channel!

  14. I love how you seasoned the fries, its ironic because in n out has the most tasteless unseasoned fries. They dont even salt them. these look great!

  15. What about vegan shrimp dishes??

  16. lord of the fries

  17. is it snowing? and you guys are wearing short sleeves??

  18. Chicken taco looks so good

  19. Doesn't Leaving the potatoes in cold water also remove the excess starch so that they crisp up faster…?

  20. I voted for his food only because I love sandwiches more, but your fries are to die for omg, good job <3

  21. It's 11 in the morning and thanks to you guys I crave nothing but these animal style fries! Felling kinda disgusting over here

  22. You gotta make this with/ for DAYM DROPS!

  23. voting for lauren!

  24. Waiting for the day you guys open a vegan restaurant :')

  25. This is a tough one but I think the animal styled fries is the winner.

  26. Not a vegan but I'm a HUGE fan and I share your videos with all my vegan buddies 🙂

  27. I feel like this has probably been asked a million times, but are they dating?

  28. Can you do a video where you tell us your favourite brands of each type of vegan substitute?

  29. You guys should do a challenge but instead of the food being a challenge you could have only a certain amount of money to grocery shop with, like the $5 challenge or something. I think that'd be cool to watch! Love your videos!

  30. Try making a vegan halal snack pack! That'd be awesome

  31. Living the Vegan Life

    Holy crap, the both look great. I loved the fries till the sauce went on… but I would put everything else on it. Johns totally won me over though. I will however make both together.

  32. amazing bruh lol

  33. Baby steps towards success. #cookyourownfood

  34. the cheese on the taco thing looks really real! Brand???

  35. I thought the onions were vegan bacon lol

  36. I'm a non vegan and I love watching you guys! I just hate watching you eat because I wish I could eat the food lol

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