this healthy and vegan buddha bowl is full of fresh veggies! We’ll show you how to make the perfect easy lunch or dinner to keep with your new years resolutions …


  1. Definitely making this for dinner!

  2. bibimbap PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You guys making the best food videos! Its always fun for us to stop by your channel and see what your doing!!

  4. Man, that looks so freaking yummy!

  5. soba noodles look like worms

  6. This looks amazing!!!

  7. Wow here's the best bowl for you ever. I'ts the Buddha bowl.

  8. I just think you and Viet Vegan Lisa are the best on youtube.  I enjoy you two so much, I would love to move to Canada (well, for another reason too…God help America).  Most of what I eat are in bowls.  It's getting to the point where I'm considering donating everything flat.  Keep them coming, Lauren!  Can't wait for your book.  I hope it will be in printed form too.  <3

  9. What temperature should we preheat the oven at?

  10. Omg that looks amazing!


  12. I always have to skip your intro because you chew so loud lol

  13. I made this today. So good! You make food so exciting. I love buddha bowls bc you can add whatever veggies you have; it's always tasty and so healthy. I added the turmeric into the dressing which made it a nice yellow color. Thanks for the recipe lauren!

  14. this is my first time in your channel and i'm definitely gonna try this!
    also i loved the music, thank you for not using dubstep/electronic music like everyone else does in their videos
    (sorry for bad english)

  15. your videos are so good!

  16. Slow cooker recipes!!!!

  17. This looks so good! Send me a bowl please :P

  18. Hey Lauren, I'm not vegan, but I am paleo. Before my switch to being paleo, i used to LOVE oatmeal. But now I cant have em. I've been trying to find recipes "grain free oatmeal" recipes out there, but most of em aren't that good. It would mean a LOT to this fella sista if you can help me find a gran free oatmeal recipe that doesnt suck. THANKS A BUNCH!

  19. I just really love that you guys aren't afraid of oil!

  20. Bueatiful food. Cannot wait to make!

  21. I need those crispy chickpeas in my life! Also I love your kitchen. It looks so clean and nice.

  22. tafe goes back soon for me, and this sounds easy and amazing to take for lunch, always looking for new packed lunches like this, thank you so much for your ideas

  23. The best hummus is when you take the time to peel the chickpeas first.

  24. Looks great! Do you have any suggestions for an alternative to miso paste for the sauce?

  25. Where can I procure this coomin you speak of?

  26. Brilliant!

  27. do the chick peas need 2 b cooked 1st b4 putting them into the oven? i hav dry beans.

  28. No avocado!!!

  29. You guys read my mind literally yesterday I looked up "hot for food buddha bowl" and today I see this in my sub box… so over the moon!

  30. Making My Home Happy

    OMG….You have made me SOOOOO hungry now LOL. This looks AMAZING!

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