The Best Times to Eat to Lose Weight

Dr. Oz reveals the What to Eat When plan — the new non-diet diet that will help you lose weight, prevent disease, and even live longer. Then, co-creator of the …


  1. Interesting

  2. I do the intermittent fastn and im starting to do this lay out trays like the one she showed not only am i eating this instead of unhealthy snacks…..but my kids are too

  3. what about working a night u can't assume everybody works a 9-5 job

  4. Great job Dr.Oz, need ur help I am 28 years old and have 100 kg weight… suffering polycystic ovary syndrome and severe lower back pain… can u plz in losing my weight

  5. Drink some water, do some pushups, quit waddling around and have some freakn' pride.

  6. There is nothing better for me than keto and intermittent fasting. It's simple, stop eating all the time ppl !

  7. Thank you! Loved this. Very very helpful.

  8. snOz is creating a false premise. The issue is calorie count…too many and you are fat. Time of day isn't the reason Americans are the fattest, most sickly humans on the planet. Listening to snOz fills your head with misdirection and fatal food tips. Why is snOz still blathering on TV?

  9. For a TV show dr oz is barely around half a million subscribers?? Makes sense. Check out dr berg for some easy listening and better education. He has 2 million subscribers btw and hes not mainstream.
    Gosh I feel like a troll. But its for a good cause!

  10. I stop eating at 8pm and start up at noon the next day. Working great!

  11. Calories in calories out is most important. But I do make a habit of not eating after dinner and waiting to eat until after I workout which works so well for me!

  12. I love to eat chickpeas it make full my stomach..but not eat everydays

  13. Oz is quack.

  14. just do intermittent fasting.
    12pm -8pm.. but you u need to be mindful what you eat and count calories

  15. intermittent fasting is best way to loose weight.. eat like 8 hrs with healthy & low calorie food & 16 hrs don’t eat anything . just tea, coffe & water other wise your fasting will break. please try it so i’m doing the same & very happy with the result .GL

  16. Mieka Fasting Weight Loss

    Do not eat all day. That's my motto. Give your body a break.

  17. Wow thanks for this video

  18. Thanks for the tip Dr. Oz!

  19. Toast thief

  20. حنان الشيف

    And I don't eat Hummus because its bloat me though it is a part of my culture

  21. Dr if you can share another interview with "dr chopra" , i really want To watch mor about it , it was magnificent

  22. Anytime, as long as you eat at a caloric deficit

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