The Best Low-Calorie Snacks

Chef Rocco DiSpirito and food scientist Taylor Wallace weigh in on the low-calorie snack trend. Then, nutritionist Kellyann Petrucci shares healthy snack rules to …


  1. Is not only about calories also mainly about sugars gotta watch out

  2. I am on a diet, and I am trying so hard to avoid snacks.

  3. The woman on the couch are being paid to lie about those products; you can see it on their faces. Haha lol

  4. Who else was eating cookies while watching this?

  5. What a great an informative video. Dr. Oz knows what he is talking about. Awesome

  6. Dr.oz do u think it’s fine too lose weight while pregnant?

  7. Beyonce Obsessed fan

    Ultra processed food are bad for you but vegetables are disgusting

  8. Alejandro Gangotena

    Best low calories snacks:

    Whole fruits and berries.

  9. i really liked this episode. doing the good work, dr. oz

  10. First dislike

  11. “chockley” 7:24 lolol idk why I find that so funny

  12. Can u please make a video on nutrition bars like fiber bars protein bars are they healthy

  13. My go to snack are the gnc quest chips. I'm trying to stay away from sugars, sugar alcohols.

  14. Juanito Martinez

    Intermittent Fasting in conjunction with keto has actually been a game changer for me. Get used to not snacking all day and you will lose weight. And practice a keto or low carb lifestyle. The whole calorie thing we have been taught for years does not work. Check out Dr Jason Fung on the 7 benefits of fasting.

  15. Water is great

  16. Pop corn with little olive oil is my best snack.. It makes me full with a lemon mint drink

  17. Dr ozz is a Muslim American of turkish origin

  18. Doctor Online is the best

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