The Best Cheap Vegan Food in Washington, DC || 5 Buck Lunch

Looking for top-notch affordable vegan food in DC? Well we’ve got your back. There are several spots that you can go for pretty good vegan options, but there …


  1. Why are so many of the Thrillist hosts so extra? Food/Groups was the best show. Eat Seeker is a good second, as well as, Really Dough is fun for something different. The rest are over the top and lack creativity/intelligent opinion. Dave Infante should host all the shows! Team him up with Mark Iocono!

  2. Bananas and oatmeal =D. Haven't eaten at a restaurant in 2 years. I understand people want to socialize and the vegan restaurants are perfect for social eating. =D

  3. 1:09 did she actually say "food porn"?

  4. extraTASTEat - Myriad Themes

    its crazy , amazing video

  5. Asif Dipu Dipu

    Bring back prez !!

  6. Uh, Korean here. Hi!!! Kimchi isn't exactly vegan. One of the key ingredients is either salted shrimp or oysters. I'm guessing it's used to get the fermentation process started. Or the restaurant uses some sort of rice slurry instead?

    And yeah there are other types of kimchi that doesn't use salted shrimp or oysters called water kimchi. But it's nothing like the traditional kimchi.

  7. Kobina Ireland

    love this host but god sake the script is like if someone compiled "most tweeted teen slang" ( stat, smash, crush, etc)

  8. How much for the undying shirt? I’ll trade you my red roses for a blue lady boot for it if you don’t want money.

  9. Boedhi Margono

    Seitan = Satan?

  10. Waheedah's Recipes

    I was just in WASHINGTON,DC I would have went to this restaurant will be going back to two weeks will go to Pow Pow to get something off the menu

  11. Kathy Erickson

    No offense, but it kind of defeats the idea of 5 Buck Lunch if you end it with "If you have (insert more than $5 amount here) to spend, I highly recommend…" I would think that most of the places featured in this series have food goes beyond the "5 Buck" limit.

  12. nahhh, shes fucking annoying not gunna lie

  13. Fries you cant go wrong esp with Vegans cause fries are staple for the veggie and vegan types.

  14. DC sucks for cheap food. Even shitty pizza costs 5 dollars a slice.

  15. gorgeous asian lady all i care about is she yummy tasting?


    bruh 5$ for some fries thats still expensive


  18. Ocean Macadams

    I'm gonna have to say Pomona Sprout would be more down with vegan food than Dumbledore, tbh.Looks tasty, tho!

  19. Dale Parris Jr.

    5 bucks plus Tax lol

  20. Jackie Freiberg

    I could have fries for every single meal.

  21. Maggie Rossetti

    My ideal amount of fries is “a pile”.

  22. Ede Bell Crowder

    this looks SO GOOD. I'm jumping on a train right now.

  23. Honeyglobin Productions

    A little suggestion: Tone it down. The food is the main star, not the host. Very little was described in terms of the taste, and the host merely repeated the ingredients, which had already been described by the chef.

  24. did they make that kimchi in house? otherwise very likely to have brine shrimp/krill (sewol geot) or fish sauce, not vegan.

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