The #1 Cuisine to Master if You’re a Vegetarian

It’s simple math… when 30 percent of a population of 1.3 billion people eat a vegetarian diet, there’s a good chance they know what they’re doing! I was never a big fan of indian food due…


  1. Eggplant recipe is called baigan bharta. Theres also many varieties of baigan bharta. if you make fresh salsa out of red onions, tomatoes, cilantro, green chillies and salt and smash it in mortar and pestle and then add the roasted egg plant in it and smash it a little, itss heavennn…completely vegan and so good for you…

  2. Mike, I’ve seen a ton of your videos and I think this was the best – your enthusiasm just shines through. Beautiful meals, I love the way you’re teaching the skills and the approach instead of just recipes.
    One tip – I’ve seen a lot of Indian cooks use quite flat pressure cookers which double as a frying pan. Get all the spice and caramelisation going, then put the lid on and accelerate the stewing.

  3. Just made an eggplant curry/stew/thing, might be a my new go to. But instead of roasting in the oven, i just cubed it and threw it in there and added some potatoes because why not, the whole thing took like 20-30 minutes to make. Thank youuuu

  4. This guy is hot af

  5. Hey man I love cooking, really appreciate what you are doing. But my issue is the cleaning up after. Do you have any tips?


  7. great video. I have been looking for more ways to cook vegetables.

  8. That was an amazing showcase Mike. Great job using the red onions as they are the ones that pack the most flavor. Never tried those kinds of chilies before as I generally use small green chilies in my curries

  9. Dude the pronunciation is so off. But I appreciate using the traditional names.

  10. Thanks!!!

  11. Wow, great video. Thanks!
    Did you ever tried to make gee with some kind of veg-butter? Just to keep fats down in the diet.

  12. If you wanted to cover basics, it would have been great to see a clip of you actually making the paste: peeling the ginger, roasting the garlic, putting it in the blender, ya know. Also tips on picking the best ginger at the market would be great too, because I go and I find these literally gnarly things in the bins at the store and I don't know what to pick, so I just get ginger in a jar. Another Indian staple is raita, which is necessary if you get a dish that is too hot and spicy. The best Indian place I ever had was back home and they served the rice with cardamom pods in them and it was sooooo fragrant and tasty! With any vegetarian dish, you want to focus on high protein as well. For me, Indian food is kinda easy. I have three curries that I make, each is a fried tofu in different sauces, one is based on my grandma's chicken curry (but I call it mushroom curry since mine is vegan), a vaguely Thai curry that has peanut butter and cilantro and lime in it and a pumpkin curry that I just learned from Anarchist Kitchen (but I'm thinking edamame or some other protein than tofu to put in it). I'd love to see vegan and vegetarian CHINESE food because I rarely seem to get it right. Anyway, thanks for the great video!

  13. Could you do lamb korma Indian food video?

  14. Cooking with Jeff

    So why are you playing Mexican music in the background

  15. hey man can you show us how to make hot sauce?

  16. It's a bit hypocritical to make non-traditional Indian food while calling non-traditional, but popular Indian restaurants in the West "shitty".

  17. you should mention that ghee uses unsalted butter.

  18. Get out of here with your fancy pot.

  19. holy crap, this definitely lowered the boundary of getting more into Indian food and vegetarian food to beat. Maybe now I'll even challenge myself to eat vegetarian for let's say a month. Also this seems so convenient for packing lunch. The only hard/unfamiliar thing for me is the dough. Have to get familiar with that – will scan your channel for that & otherwise here's looking at you ;^)

  20. Miss Communication

    When I was like 19, a friend took me to this little vegan Indian restaurant in the city. It was one of those shops that you accessed by going into another shop and up these really narrow stairs, and once you got up there it was weirdly quiet considering we were in the town centre. It was the best food, honestly, and very economical. Haven't had Indian food that good since. The restaurant was a really vibrant clash of colours that somehow managed to skirt the edge of garish, and at a table over from us was a group of about seven fully decked-out goth kids, who did a great job of contrasting and making the whole experience feel a bit surreal. I may have entered a parallel dimension for that luncheon, who knows.

  21. Good job…these truly are creative. Love Indian food. Thanks

  22. From india…perfectly done
    Love you

  23. The contender for the vegeterain cuisine could be Meditteranean dishes made with olive oil and vegetables. They are an essential part of both Turkish and Greek cuisines, light, fresh and healthy too. We also got very hearthy, warm dishes made with vegetables and tomato paste, which we call them in Turkey "sulu yemek" (watery food) meant to be eaten with or on top of rice. Cheers from Turkey!

  24. Needs protein.

  25. i watched this while eating a cheese burger. i went in laughing and came out jealous lol

  26. Any chance you guys can do some recipe's without onions(entire allum family, basically)/peppers (sweet&spicy). I'm desprately trying to find some healthy, easy recipe's but being allergic to these two things seems to make it impossible (something along the lines of cooking when you have weird food allergies?) ;_; Love youre vids! Can't make most of your recipe's but they make me hungry for food and to be more healthy!

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