Thai Balls Manchurian Vegetarian Thai Food | Best Easy To Make Homemade Thai Appetizer Starter

Thai Balls Manchurian Vegetarian Thai Food Recipes | Best Easy To Make Homemade Thai Appetizer Starter Learn how to make Thai Balls Vegetarian Thai …


  1. manishaji colors freeze drinks etle su ? kya ingridyuns hoy ama.

  2. kya mam hum ye balls ka use karke Chinese tarike se bana sakte hai

  3. veg muncurin gravy plz uplod

  4. what else can i use instead of coconut milk

  5. manishaji..tamari rakshapotli joine. miss mumbai and family.hope u taking care of your health..thanks for your efforts.only 1 suggestion(if u can cut down on cheese quantity in all ur recepies)it will be great as viewers feel the urge to make andbuaw high calorie ingredients as shown so if u control the quantity, we can do it too.Thankyou and lots of love.

  6. ekdum ezee & very nice sarter thay munchuryan recipe yummy

  7. mind blowing

  8. beautiful products and reviews

    it is very good and lovely ☺☺☺

  9. ☺☺

  10. Thanks manisha di

  11. looks tempting ….. must give it a try☺☺☺

  12. very nice recipe manishaben

  13. very delicious…..ll

  14. wow vacation started n easy ,delicious best homemade appetizer starter thai balls Manchurian is ready!Thank you very much for sharing this recipe with us.

  15. pls tell which brand of grinder do you use

  16. yu….mmy and tasty

  17. looks yummy sure going 2 try

  18. wow wonderful

  19. and i m second

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