Tel Aviv – World’s Vegan Food Capital

As the world’s vegetarian food capital, Tel Aviv restaurants and food stands provide numerous options for the veggie lovers, But not only in Tel Aviv: Israel is …


  1. WOW im so impressed. israeli cooking is some of the best! and now vegan? im so proud. israelis will rock the vegan cuisine movement!

  2. I am an Indian Hindu. And I just love Isreal and Jews

  3. Why the hell is honey not good for you? Its the best

  4. Thank you so much Stan, for your valuable help.

  5. Hi everyone!
    What is the ingredient the brought from India (3:05). Can somebody write it, I don't know that ingredient.

  6. Israelis are so attractive…

  7. Go Israel! ☺ People have freedom. This is what the world should be like.

  8. Could you add captions to your videos (for Deaf and hard-of-hearing persons)?

  9. Israeli people, we are proud of you!

  10. Vegan people rock!

  11. Awesome. Veganism and raw veganism is the only way to save the animals, the planet and of course have great health.

  12. Thank you SO MUCH FOR THIS!

  13. Ohhhh!!!Delicious !!!!

  14. I would love to visit Israel for all the vegan food

  15. Veggies and Kilos

    oy vey so delicious :)

  16. Yummy

  17. Would love to visit one day

  18. Interesting. Although I don't believe Tel Aviv is world's vegetarian capital. There are more vegetarians in India (around 350 million) than rest of the world combined. Every Indian city has more vegetarian restaurants than non-vegetarian ones

  19. Go TLV!

  20. No one cares about vegan nonsense
    Meat rocks

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